Is the PPC G5 multicored?

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This has probably already been covered in another thread, but I was wondering if anyone knows about the architecture of the G5, specifically if it is multicored. Even before the G4 came out, people were talking about multicored chips. Bascially, the concept was, if I remember correctly, multiple processors on one chip, but sharing L2 and L3 cache, and maybe more than this. So, it would really increase performance. I am hoping the G5 is multicored, but if not it sounds like it has plenty of other big improvements to increase performance. I hope the Power Mac G5 comes out at Macworld New York this July, if not before. There will be some AWESOME speed demonstrations, I am sure.


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    applenutapplenut Posts: 5,768member
    not multicored. at least not the version Apple would use

    multicore= too many transistors= too much heat/power= too much money
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    Apple doesn't have the balls to use a multi-cored CPU. It would be too fast for them to handle.
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    years ago motorola proposed a multicore plan for the power pc to apple and they rejected it. don't know why but they didn't want a multicore chip, or more accurately, THAT multicore chip.
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    sorry for the double.

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    I read a year ago about IBM using a new multicore technology. The cores would work together in multifrequencies to lower the power usage and the heat. There would be a main core that sets the work to do of the other cores and raise or lower their frequencies. If one core has nothing to do it is set on stand by. That would give the possibilities of a portable with a multicore proceesor.

    Apple has donne a lot of thing to push developpers to think multiprocessor. I think that the G5 will be able to have multicore architecture. Now if the G5 will use the IBM technology, it's the futur that will tell us but the PowerPC roadmap of IBM is very close to the Motorola's roadmap.
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    outsideroutsider Posts: 6,008member
    The POWER4 is the only production multicore chip in the world. And it runs at 1.1-1.3GHz. It's a monster performer. Maybe Apple should change their mind...
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