Apple releases OS X 10.11.1 with more than 150 new emoji, improved Office 2016 compatibility



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    Originally Posted by NolaMacGuy View Post

    whatever the office 16 bugs arent, i havent noticed them yet...but ive only opened a couple spreadsheets.

    I had a devil of a time wafter install, ith 'activation' tried many things, said it was activated, but when i er-launched it warnde me sonly so many uses left beofer i must activate. Anyhow, MS had me delete the whole installation ( again) and then a bunch of other files in the library. Cant remember which ones, i was on the phone with a tech support person - very helpful - then after a reboot again of my mbpr, i was able to install and activate.

    in use i have not had too many issues, although o have only really used excel.

    There have been a lot of updates to office 2106 sinc e my install a week or so ago, though ( found several more today)

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    slurpyslurpy Posts: 5,118member
    Originally Posted by gaanee View Post that the level of innovation now from Apple that you have to highlight the number of emojis in the headline.


    You have 2 extremely shitty and trollish posts spread over 3 years. What a win.  What motivates you to make a reply, I wonder? In the past 3 years, what excited you enough to save your vomit for a thread about a 0.1 release, of all things?

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    I never hard a problem with Office 2016. Granted I was only working with PowerPoint and Word, but I had both running for hours and it never crashed.

    So maybe it depended on what you were doing with the programs.
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    elrothelroth Posts: 1,201member

    Originally Posted by Vokbain View Post


    I keep hearing about Office 2016 breaking, but I haven't had a single problem with it on any of my computers since 10.11 came out. I use Word and Excel daily.


    I wonder if it had something to do with upgrading versus doing a fresh install of OS X.

    My understanding is the bugs had to do with Outlook, and not Word or Excel. I personally won't use Office 2016, because it doesn't allow setting up my own toolbars anymore. The ribbon is a no-go.

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    Originally Posted by NolaMacGuy View Post

    too bad there isnt a TROLL emoji...yet


    Ogre and goblin, at least.

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    boredumb wrote: »
    Next time I have a couple hours free and a lawyer handy, I might read it, but till then, I guess, no update.
    Here's a plain English interpretation:
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    eluardeluard Posts: 319member

    This fixed my mail issues -- as expected. Time to upgrade the other machines. Well done Apple.

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    larryjwlarryjw Posts: 362member
    I'd certainly like to know what improvements Apple made for office compatibility. My university uses Exchange, and apples does not have the features that Outlook has regarding interactions with the exchange server.

    For example, Junk mail identifications is a problem.
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    Originally Posted by TokyoJimu View Post


    Originally Posted by boredumb View Post

    Next time I have a couple hours free and a lawyer handy, I might read it, but till then, I guess, no update.

    Here's a plain English interpretation:

    Excellent link - hilarious, too - thanks!

    And not as sinister as I thought it might be - I wonder why thescary new  format of the agreement, though?  

    I was a little disconcerted that Apple wants to claim ownership, or at least limit my usage,

    of photo streams/slideshows of my own photos, though...Maybe the English wasn't plain enough on that one...

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