Bug in Apple's overnight iOS updates turns off iPhone alarms



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    Verified. It happened to both my wife and me. She was late to work but I own my own business so it was no biggie for me.

    Explains why I didnt wake up today. I thought it was just because I slept too late last night and turned it off in my sleep.


    Fortunately I was Working from home today, so it wasn't an issue, but how many times has Apple had alarm not going off issues yet? Seems like they would have some decent testing to ensure this doesnt happen.

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    badmonkbadmonk Posts: 1,106member
    First world problem, None of us is riding the back of a train through Mexico. People need to get a life.
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    I've never updated overnight. No particular reason except I update when or soon after software is released. For me, my iPhone is very useful but no longer mission critical. 


    Apple dropped the ball, no doubt, it was a simple error in coding that caused the problem. But if you rely on a software driven device, you don't do updates without backing up, and you don't expect it any/every update to be error free. Nobody in their right mind puts a new OS on or updates it on a mission critical machine. That's just nuts.


    Apple should never make a mistake with OSs and updates. God knows nobody else ever does. Until Apple catches up, if you update your alarm clock overnight, maybe you should have a backup alarm clock.


    File this under "What Could Possibly Go Wrong".

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    mike1mike1 Posts: 3,075member

    Originally Posted by Gonza124 View Post


    @Slurpy My iPhone 6s Plus's Home screen DOES switch to landscape when I have it on its side. Even the iPhone 6 Plus has had this feature since launch.

    Yes. The 6Plus always did have a landscape mode for the home screen like iPad. I do wish they would enable this feature for the 6 as well.

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    ...One reader, Gary, said he knows three people who used the new overnight update feature and slept in... 

    How factual...

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    Yep it happened to me. I woke up and my alarm never went off. My phone was stuck on the screen asking me to log into iCloud.
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