Apple launches first public beta of iOS 9.2

in iPhone edited October 2015
On the heels of the developer release, the first public beta of iOS 9.2 was made to members of Apple's voluntary testing community on Thursday.

iOS 9.2 public beta 1 arrives two days after developers were provided with their first build of iOS 9.2. Users who install iOS 9.2 cannot restore their iPhone or iPad to earlier versions of iOS.

iOS 9.2 beta 1 is available as an over-the-air update for eligible users, who can opt in to the public beta program through Apple's site. The first developer build of iOS 9.2 is identified as build 13C5055d.

The most notable change in iOS 9.2 revealed by Apple is a change to how the Safari Web browser works in third-party apps, enabling user-installed extensions to operate in those conditions.

Beyond that, major changes in iOS 9.2 remain unknown, but its point-one version increase suggests that it will be more than just behind-the-scenes bug fixes. It's also possible that iOS 9.2 could introduce new features, like support for the Apple Pencil, that will be required for the forthcoming iPad Pro, set to launch in November.

The first betas of iOS 9.2 arrived a week after Apple supplied the final public release of iOS 9.1. The defining feature of that update was more than 150 new emoji characters, as well as improvements to Live Photos on the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus.


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    melgrossmelgross Posts: 33,508member

    Well, I'm downloading it now. Almost finished.

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    melgrossmelgross Posts: 33,508member
    Yes! They fixed the comma/apostrophe problem. Now the key highlights as before, and the result is the apostrophe rather than another comma.
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    ecatsecats Posts: 272member
    Can someone check if they fixed the bluetooth headphones problem. I.E. It connects, but doesn't show up as a playback device until it's tapped again in the Bluetooth settings pane.
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    bkerkaybkerkay Posts: 139member
    I wonder if the Podcast App has been fixed. Currently on the iPad, when watching a video podcast, it's a small screen with two huge white bars above and below. Total waste of space, which can be given to the video itself.
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    I just updated and noticed that my "Documents & Data" shot up to 7.13 GB. I can't say how much it was before but I was rather shocked at the number so I don't feel like it was that high the last time I checked. Has anyone else had this happen or is it just me being out of touch with my own usage.
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    I just updated and noticed the "news" app was installed on my 6s Plus. I live in Canada and I didn't change my region. I guess it's becoming more available in different regions.
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