Danny Boyle's Steve Jobs biopic set for Feb. 2 digital release, later on Blu-ray & DVD

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Danny Boyle's Steve Jobs biopic will first come to home screens via a digital release from Universal Pictures on Feb. 2, with Blu-ray and DVD versions shipping on Feb. 16.

The disc editions of the movie will come with special bonuses, including a behind-the-scenes feature and two separate commentary tracks. The first is with Boyle, while the second is with writer Aaron Sorkin and editor Elliot Graham.

The timing is likely not a coincidence, as the Academy Awards are scheduled for Feb. 28. Several people involved with the movie -- including Sorkin, and stars Michael Fassbender and Kate Winslet -- have already been nominated for Golden Globes. The Globes are often seen as foreshadowing which movies will win Oscars, though there are regularly exceptions.

Universal's schedule may also be an accelerated one because of the movie's poor performance in theaters. It grossed $16 million in the space of a month, despite costing somewhere over $30 million to make -- both small amounts for a Hollywood film with an A-list ensemble.

The exact platforms for the digital release haven't been identified, though it will presumably be available through iTunes, Google Play, and other download/rental options. The only confirmed one is the industry-backed UltraViolet.


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    The release date is February 2 ... Groundhog Day.  That's appropriate.  Danny Boyle and Aaron Sorkin can continue reliving the experience until they finally get it right. 
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    The only way I'll ever see this movie is if it comes to Netflix/Hulu/Amazon and it's something I start playing as background noise on a lazy Sunday afternoon.
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    2oh12oh1 Posts: 503member
    Danny Boyle's Steve Jobs biopic on Blu-Ray = Bag Of Hurt. How could they have thought it was wise to make a movie about Steve Jobs starring an actor who looks nothing like Steve Jobs? How foolish could they be? I may watch this thing once it hits Netflix since I already subscribe... but I certainly wouldn't buy it.
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    Yeah, this is a rental. Not a buy.
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    I saw this movie, and it sucked.  It was one of the worst films I have ever seen, period. 

    The dialogue is shit, the characters are shit, every single word that's uttered is shit, and the film not only take historical liberties, it flat out invents from whole cloth much of its content.

    Aaron Sorkin is a one-trick pony, and by "pony" I mean "cynical, sarcastic, self-important, mentally-depressed, intellectually incoherent dick."
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    Entertaining to read about people who criticized the first one, 'Jobs', and were gushing over how great the Aaron Sorkin one would be, alleging it would be the best movie ever, and far better than 'Jobs'.  Then the Aaron Sorkin one hits and it is a total bomb.  So far, 'Jobs' has made $35M and it cost $12M to make, a decent profit for an independent.  'Steve Jobs' was $30M to make and has only made $24.3M.  $6M loss for a big-studio flop.  They are entertainment dramas, not to be taken seriously.  
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    radarthekatradarthekat Posts: 3,569moderator
    And... I won't be watching this movie or anything else, ever, from Sorkin.  Period. 

    I can't handle the mistruth!
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    I like Sorkin dialogue. 

    Apparently the Australian release date for this is Feb 4th. Hows that for bad timing. I might hire it from Amazon but I'll definitely be watching it.
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    You can't have a movie about Steve Jobs on Blu-Ray... It's a bag of hurt.
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