Another reason I love my Mac

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Im on an NT network here at work. No admins can see my computer on their domains. Now as we all know, if they can't see your box, they can't get a history file on you. Actually, they can't get anything on you. (Unless of course if they sniff your IP for traffic) Surf Away!

If your on a Windows Box, you can use many programs (DmerWare) to see everybody's shares on their local computer. (Sort of how you can do a net use command on NT and see everybody's shares. Then from there check their profiles)

It just doesn't work like that on Mac's.


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    gordygordy Posts: 971member
    I brought my iBook to work one day, and on a whim I plugged the network cabe into is and it just worked. I was blazing along the interenet and I never had to do anything on the iBook but plug it in. That was very cool. Too bad, I couldn't drag any of my PC using friends in to see how easy it was.

    I immediately ordered DSL for my home, and an ethernet modem.
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