And the winners of our Apple Watch Sport and 64GB Apple TV giveaway contest are...

in Apple Watch edited December 2015
A week ago, AppleInsider launched a giveaway contest to award 5 lucky readers with either an Apple Watch Sport model of their choice or a brand new 64GB Apple TV. So without further ado, our winners are...

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Avatar Winner! Entry Method Prize
Winner @rytbailey Twitter Retweet Apple Watch Sport
Winner @RBSharpio Twitter Retweet Apple Watch Sport
Winner Jamie G. Facebook Like 64GB Apple TV
Winner Chip G. Newsletter Signup 64GB Apple TV
Winner Fudent Forum Signup 64GB Apple TV

We'll be reaching out to each of the winners this weekend to arrange for delivery of prizes. We'd like to thank all of our readers who participated in this week's contest. If you weren't one of the lucky winners, don't fret -- there will be plenty of additional contests and prizes to come in 2016 on


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    Congrats winners
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    I'm so jealous. I hate you all! Lol, j/k. Congrats. I'd love to know which of the two devices you're choosing. 
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    Not one single regular? I demand a recount.  :D
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    fallenjtfallenjt Posts: 4,046member
    Not one single regular? I demand a recount.  :D
    Yeah, they should disqualify whoever has less than 300 posts a year. Lol.
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    Gratz to all!
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    To the winners: Congratulations on your random selection. It is an envious achievement.
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    satchmosatchmo Posts: 2,699member
    Americans. Pssh... :)
    World Free Stuff
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    Just received my Apple TV thanks appleinsider
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