Great idea of a global internet service and application for the Apple Company.

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Hello dear lovers of Apple Company products.

My name is Alex.

I have the great idea of a global internet service and application for the Apple Company. And I'm constantly coming up with something new. It is global because each owner of a device from the Apple Company will use this internet service and application every day. And this is a huge audience! This internet service and application will transfer Apple devices and communication to a whole new level. And give advantage over competitors. This will be the main internet services the Apple Company and it will be tied to the other internet services and applications. This internet service and application are multifunctional and its advantages are huge! Also, it will be very useful in the framework of national security! I repeat, by this internet service and application will use the each person on the planet which has a device from Apple Company. The conclusions about the benefits of this internet service and application, you can make yourself.

The main difficulty in the realization of this project lies in the fact that I'm not a programmer but I'm a good marketer. Unfortunately, almost venture capital investors no interested in ideas. They want a finished product that can be successfully implemented. A direct contact with the Apple Company is impossible.

I want to say one thing. One who realizes and creates this internet services and applications it will have a huge impact on the board of directors Apple Company.

If this project is someone interested in you can write your thoughts and suggestions to e-mail.

Contact Email: [email protected]

Best Regards, Alex.


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    This is actually an old idea. What is more, it is not entirely untried. Back in the day when online services like CompuServe and America Online (AOL) were much more important than today, Apple had a branded version of AOL. Eventually, it folded. In fact, AOL was originally Applelink GS or some such thing. It was an adjunct to Apple's own Applelink online service for developers and others doing business with the company.

    An Internet Service Provider that is dedicated to Apple devices exclusively is not needed and would cause more problems for users than it would solve. The Mac user who prefers Android mobile devices would be forced to subscribe to multiple ISPs. Anyone who uses Macs and iOS-based devices along with Windows, Linux, and Android would find the Apple-only ISP to be an unnecessary added expense. Not a good idea.

    You seem like a nice person with a lot of enthusiasm. Rather than trying to separate Apple devices and their users from others, you might be better served by going in the diametric opposite direction. Come up with ideas to make them seamlessly interact.

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    Thank you for your comments and suggestions.

    Maybe you're right. I myself sometimes use android devices.

    The essence of this internet service was that in order to improve communication between the owners of devices from Apple Company and Customer Support. Also easier and better access to all resources of the Apple Company. And the best replacement for Apple ID.

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