Interesting X on Intel talk from Leo (tech tv)

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I caught the show screen savers last night, and for a large portion of the show, they were talking about OS X on intel. The discussion was sparked by the eWeek article published concerning the Marklar project and how even the most current version of X, Jaguar even is running on intel.

Leo proceeded to explaining many of the issues involved with recompiling X for intel. The usual, Darwin, free bsd are already currently Intel compatible and it would be relatively simple to port because only the top layers like Aqua and Quartz and things like that would have to be recomplied.

ANYWAY, Leo concluded the discussion by pleading with Steve to release X for intel (or at least send a beta to him) and that he promised that if he had that, Microsoft would be removed from his home in all shapes and form, Windows machines, even Office for Mac just as long as he got his wish. Very interesting television.


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    Yeah it saw a quote from a devolper on the front page of the inquirer that said somting like, "Port my software to OS X for x86 and have 2% of the x86... sure!"

    I know this has ben hashed and rehashed, but I'd use OS X on x86 if I didn't have to buy Mac Hardware. Anyway good info.

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    Yeah i cought him saying that the other night as well. It really does seem that Leo is becoming more and more of a mac advocate. I see him saying "i will banish all microsoft products from my house if i get os X for intel" as a pretty good endorsement for the OS. And he does claim that his iBook is probably the best computer hes ever owned. (not speed wise of course)

    I think its great to have someone like Leo on tv promoting Apple like this. Its good because he obviously knows his shit, hes great at explaining things for non-tech-savy people, and best of all hes been using windows AND macs since the beginning and thinks OS X is superior after all these years.

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