This week on AI: FBI debate explodes, Mac & iPhone leaks, Apple patent win overturned

in General Discussion edited February 2016
A single issue dominated most headlines this week: Apple's defiance of an FBI request to help unlock an iPhone linked to San Bernardino shooter Syed Rizwan Farook. More news did emerge, however, on Apple's legal battles with Samsung, and possible plans for OS X and a new 4-inch iPhone.

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Everything you need to know:

  • Apple CEO Tim Cook called for a commission on digital security > >
  • In a TV interview, Cook likened the FBI's demanded software to cancer > >
  • Apple is allegedly developing new iOS and iCloud security measures that would thwart any FBI tools > >
  • Apple's general counsel will testify in front of Congress on March 1 > >
  • The company filed to vacate the FBI's request on Thursday, calling it unconstitutional > >
  • Macs may finally get Siri later this year > >
  • New 'iPhone 5se' schematics leaked, bearing similarities to the iPhone 6 > >
  • OS X's Photos app may regain some iPhoto features > >
  • Apple's rumored March press event may be delayed to March 22 > >
  • A court overturned Apple's $120M patent victory over Samsung > >
  • At the company's shareholder meeting, all shareholder proposals were defeated > >

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A roundup of all of our hottest stories this week:

Tim Cook says government should withdraw demands to unlock iPhone, form commission to discuss implications

Rumor: Apple will finally bring Siri to Mac with this year's OS X 10.12

Purportedly leaked 4-inch iPhone schematics bear striking resemblance to iPhone 6

Tim Cook: FBI is asking Apple to create 'software equivalent of cancer'

Apple developing iPhone and iCloud encryption that counters FBI-requested workaround, reports say

Apple's Photos apps for iOS 10 & OS X 10.12 to restore iPhoto editing features - report

Apple lead attorney Bruce Sewell to testify before US Congress on encryption debate March 1

Apple rails against FBI demands for 'GovtOS' in motion to vacate decryption request

Rumor: Apple's 4-inch iPhone event pushed back a week, to March 22

Court overturns Apple's $120M patent win against Samsung

Apple directors reelected, outside proposals rejected at annual shareholder meeting


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