San Bernardino shooter's iPhone may hold evidence of 'dormant cyber pathogen,' DA says



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    Overheard at the office... "Too many people actually know what a virus is, so let's make up something no one knows. If they don't have experience with the phrase, they're far less likely to find a way to tell us we're full of shit. How about "cyber pathogens"? Yeah, that sounds great! Do YOU know what a cyber pathogen is? I sure as hell don't! We'll just scare the public to get our way, using fear of the unknown as our weapon." ... and there are enough sheep in this country that it just might work... that's the real scary bit.
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    Technically, he may be right. According to Quantum Mechanics, the iPhone contains both EVERYTHING and NOTHING right now...
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    Urei1620Urei1620 Posts: 88member
    buzdots said:
    Everybody knows the abbreviation for District Attorney,
    Drunk Asinine
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    tallest skiltallest skil Posts: 43,388member
    Speaking of actual threats to our computers...

    MacBooks are designed to prevent software running on the MacBook’s central processing unit (CPU) from activating its iSight camera without turning on the light. But researchers figured out how to reprogram the chip inside the camera, known as a micro-controller, to defeat this security feature. In a paper called “iSeeYou: Disabling the MacBook Webcam Indicator LED,” Brocker and Checkoway describe how to reprogram the iSight camera’s micro-controller to allow the camera and light to be activated independently. That allows the camera to be turned on while the light stays off. Their research is under consideration for an upcoming academic security conference.

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    zoetmbzoetmb Posts: 2,650member
    Urei1620 said:
    is this an Onion story?
    That's the problem.   The real stories are far more outrageous than those in The Onion or that guy from The New Yorker who posts funny stuff.   How can any of them be funny if the politicians are funnier than they are?    If any comic writer had written a bit a year ago that was about a politician who said the exact things that Trump says on a daily basis, he'd be criticized as being an unfunny hack.   If a movie about politics showed attendees at a politician's event harassing and beating up demonstrators with the support of the politician, it would be criticized as being a cartoon.   But here we are. 

    The masses are idiots and just the mention of a "dormant cyber pathogen" will cause many people to believe that Apple should unlock the phone.  
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    sambirasambira Posts: 90member
    My dog ate my homework.. I had a flat tire..
    Pigs are flying.
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    metrixmetrix Posts: 256member
    If this isn't proof they are out of control and will do anything to achieve their goal, I don't know what would. They will continue to ramp up the scare tactics using children to create fear in people, like they always do. 

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    Urei1620Urei1620 Posts: 88member
    The FBI is desperate to win the case against Apple and now they will do anything. 
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    dasanman69dasanman69 Posts: 13,002member
    A smartphone pandemic. 
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    As I scroll down the comments, why am I seeing ads for Mackeeper??
    That's a cyber pathogen if ever there was one.
    tallest skil
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    This guy is so full of something that can't be mentioned is polite company.  It's amazing how stupid he thinks the general public is.  They only pathogen that comes to mind might be what his shorts are full of.
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    There is literally NO SUCH THING.
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    I think there are pictures of the Sasquatch, flying rainbow unicorns (they're real!), and Nixon's plan to end the war in VietNam on that phone.
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    nicht01nicht01 Posts: 3member
    Might not, either...
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    That iPhone MIGHT also contain the secret formula for transmuting lead into gold. 
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