Ricky Williams: Mac User

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An online journal entry from Ricky Williams' <a href="http://www.runrickyrun.com"; target="_blank">online journal</a>.

I am excited to finally have a Wednesday practice where I don't feel like I'm seventy years old. Norv now jokes with me every Wednesday about how old I feel. Two weeks ago, I was 60, last week 70, and this week I told him I felt about 35. He replied "you should feel 25 by Friday." Yeah, that's the plan.

I took extra time yesterday to rest and take care of myself. I finally slept in. Until 10. When I woke up, I got on my new computer. I just bought a new G4 (Mac). I didn't leave the house until noon.

"My name is Ricky Williams, and I'm a running back."


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    &lt;wishful thinking&gt;

    Hmm. Maybe he will convince the entire Dolphins squad to get Macs like Shaq convinced the entire Lakers team to buy iPods...

    &lt;/wishful thinking&gt;
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    Ricky martin is too. Im working on his new album (im an engineer), hes got a full blown Quicksilver-based ProTools rig in his home studio.
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