eBay Mac Prices: Frustration

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Anyone else notice the RIDICULOUSLY high prices Macs are going for on eBay? Two year old Macs with their original configurations are going for only a hundred dollars less than the current Dual 867 PowerMacs. What gives? Is it impossible to find a resonably priced AGP Graphics or newer machine? It should be possible to find a two year old Mac for under $1000, shouldn't it?




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    Two things:

    1. Macs retain a great resell value for a very long time, unlike PCs. This has historically been true for nearly ALL Apple computers.

    2. Lots of ebay shoppers are suckers and will pay much more than they really should.

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    alcimedesalcimedes Posts: 5,486member
    i would guess it also has something to do with the software that's coming "bundled" with the machines. not everyone has faster internet connections, and Mac software tends to be harder to find if you happen to want to pirate it.
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    spartspart Posts: 2,060member
    Two year old iMac maybe.

    Unfourtunately (well, not for murbot ) Macs hold their value quite well.
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    andorandor Posts: 23member
    [quote]Originally posted by alcimedes:

    <strong>i would guess it also has something to do with the software that's coming "bundled" with the machines. not everyone has faster internet connections, and Mac software tends to be harder to find if you happen to want to pirate it.</strong><hr></blockquote>

    That's true. On the other hand, eBay is starting to crack down on pirating and is starting to only let people sell computers with software packages only if they come with the original media and licenses (a good idea).
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    andorandor Posts: 23member
    [quote]Originally posted by Spart:

    <strong>Two year old iMac maybe.

    Unfourtunately (well, not for murbot ) Macs hold their value quite well.</strong><hr></blockquote>

    Unfortunatly for me, too! If anyone wants to sell a QS 733 or know of a reseller or something that has them let me know!!!
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    Andor, I feel your pain. Actually, I do. Sorry for the cliched remark.

    I wasted so much time at EBay. Either just looking or actually bidding. Always the winning price went up to virtually new price in the end. Buyers are just plain nuts. For any mainstream, name-brand product, stay away from the 'Bay. If you want an old, metal Schilling spice box of cardamom seeds, it may be worth a look.

    Im a teacher and I ended up getting my 733 for only $1202 and 17" ASDisplay for $667. It was a great deal. Apple often continues to sell a Power Mac from the previous series in the education store when the update the line.

    If youre not a teacher or student, try the clasifieds in the local paper or some specialty classifieds weekly's. (Do you get the Recycler?) Anyway, people who sell there are not pros and dont want to deal with the whole auction thing like photos, shipping, Pay-pal, etc. The prices are fairer and once in a while--great! Not the selection of eBay, but if your patient, you might find something.

    Finally, I seem to recall Apple having a refurbished option. No better than eBay probably, but less risky.
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    The MUG store at Powermax has a lot of refurbished items
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    andersanders Posts: 6,523member
    Without (the insanity of) eBay we wouldn´t have murbot.
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    murbotmurbot Posts: 5,262member
    Without eBay I might be able to live a normal, productive life.

    Really though, eBay is great for sellers, not so great for buyers. I've tried to get a good deal on quite a few things there only to be beaten out in the end.

    People don't use common sense there for the most part. They've been watching the auction for THEIR iMac for 5 days, and it's just about to end when someone outbids them. "You're not getting MY iMac you bastard!!" they scream as they bid, bid, bid. They probably don't want to have to waste another 3-5 days tracking yet another iMac...

    The place is insane. I love it.
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    alcimedesalcimedes Posts: 5,486member
    you can get great deals on e-bay still, you just have to be patient.

    i picked up a 24" Sony CRT, widescreen off e-bay for a great price.

    the thing sold for over $1,200 (at the time) refurbished. i got it for $450.

    best deal i ever got, even though i didn't need it at all.

    oh well.

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    leonisleonis Posts: 3,427member
    Sometime when you look around on eBay you can find some deals.

    Like in my cases. I got the new 3.1 MP digital camera and an ultra small Samsung MP 3 player for half the price (compared to buying them locally)
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    leonisleonis Posts: 3,427member
    On the other hand. I am with Murbot. eBay is heaven for sellers

    I just successfully sold couple of my 'excess inventory' off eBay at a very decent amount of money.

    I will have a bit more money to spend when I am on my trip to Denmark this holiday
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    giaguaragiaguara Posts: 2,724member
    ...if you start to think the prices u have in the us are high have a look on ebay.co.uk or any other yurruppean site.

    ebay is a paradise only for spammers...
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    I've had nothing but good experiences on Ebay, and I've brought and sold tons of stuff, I picked up my Cube for £600 and it had 512 Ram and a 60 gig drive and that was 6 months ago! So you just gotta be patient..... (and not go crazy)

    [ 10-22-2002: Message edited by: Thereubster ]</p>
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    der kopfder kopf Posts: 2,275member
    The only auction I ever won was for a titanium G4 800 mhz dvi for less than 2000 euro.

    Needless to say, the deal was very very shady, some guy claiming he was in spain (location said brussels) and he wanted to send me and so on, till I got an email from some american (US that is) authority saying that I should suspend all deals with this person as they were seeking him out.

    (I mean, 'twas probably one of them powerbooks stolen in NYC Apple Store he tried to push me, and for the record, it appears that those are the only pwb's sold on ebay.be).
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    it seems that people are overlooking the obvious chicken and egg here. Sure, if you want to prop up "the apple way" you can say that "see, macs retain value much better than other computers, therefore the product is superior".

    I would ask that you consider what would happen on eBay if apple chopped prices on all machines, across the board, by 50%.

    Now, do you think people on ebay would still be selling a 733 quicksilver for $1200? I think not. Apple computers retain their value *because* of the high prices apple charges, as opposed to the conventional wisdom that apple can charge high prices *because* of the the high resale value (and implied quality).

    Also... (hey, while I'm being trollish, why don't I continue in the same vein)... it doesn't help used Mac purchasers that the progress in performance of Macs is pretty darn slow in comparison to the rest of the computing world.

    Actually, let me amend that. Apple's progress may be close to the others, however because of the way that it happens, it is not confidence-inspiring to mac buyers and sellers. For one, it happens in a stairstep pattern compared to the relatively smooth ramp in the PC world. every 6 months people have been trained to expect *something*. However, and here's where the second aspect kicks in, if and advance *doesn't* happen at MWNY, MWSF (or possibly MWB, depending on the IDG situation), then there's so much frickin' secrecy that people are still in the dark as to what happens if the next MW* has the long awaited chip of the promise land.

    Ok, I'm starting to ramble. I'm watching "The Young Ones" while typing this. It's probably the funniest t.v. show I have ever seen in my life. In fact, I'm fairly certain it is. Anyone else a young ones fan?

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    Murbot: So YOU'RE "the eBay guy" who had a thread I remember reading about a year ago!

    I've been wanting to ask you if you could post some of your "secrets" on here. Where you buy new hardware from; how long you keep it before selling; etc. I recall you saying that, in some cases, you ended up getting more when you sold on eBay than you paid for the machine.

    Care to share?
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    imudimud Posts: 140member
    I just bought a 3 week old 17" imac off ebay. Considering the current price of a new imac with the memory upgrade it has and the local tax I saved about 600 bucks.

    The bad part is M$ had ebay cancle the auction 12 hours after I sent payment out because the computer had software on it but no install disks. Well the seller is being cool so I will still get my computer but ebay is on crack. If they want to filter the auctions they should do it before they are posted or at least before they are ended.
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    imudimud Posts: 140member
    Oh btw, beware of 0 feedback sellers, I noticed several good deals on macs all from different accounts. On each one when i checked feedback it said they were created on Oct 27th from australia even though their location said something different on their add page. The best thing to do is keep an eye on the new listings and when you see a buyitnow for a price you can live with check their feedback then jump on it before its gone <img src="graemlins/smokin.gif" border="0" alt="[Chilling]" />
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