Occupy the App Store? Top 1% of monetized apps dominate 94% of US App Store revenue



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    First where is this company getting its data, Apple is not releasing this level of information. This company is some how back dooring it way into these numbers and most likely are completely wrong.

    I can not believe how quickly people jump to believe the data is accurate. It is like the primary elections you see all this data and polls and everyone believe it must be true and the actual outcome is completely different. People need a health level or doubt when they see data like this and questions where did they get it and how.

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    volcan said:
     the top 1% of cable TV providers...
    There is no such thing as 1% of cable TV providers in the US. There are really only 14 providers and they are mostly crap according to the rankings.

    Verizon FiOS had a satisfaction rating of 71 but now that Frontier has been taking over, I'm thinking it probably tanked due to the complaints of outages. All the rest of the providers rank in the 50-60 range. Maybe because most people don't have a choice of provider. People tend to become dissatisfied when they don't have a choice.

    1 Comcast
    2. DirecTV
    3. DISH Network
    4. Time Warner Cable
    5. Verizon FiOS
    6. AT&T U-verse
    7. Cox Communications
    8. Charter Communications
    9. Cablevision
    10. Bright House Networks
    11. Suddenlink Communications
    12. Mediacom
    13. WOW!
    14. Cable One

    (Listed by number of subscribers)

    Well, the point still stands, even if you change the numbers by an order of magnitude. The top four of the 26 US providers have 80% of the subscribers.
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    foljs said:
    YouTube is a problem and a monopoly? Do tell...
    Do tell what? Is that really news?

    It might not be a monopoly in the "US legal" terms.

    YouTube isn't even a monopoly in Webster's terms:
    • mo·nop·o·ly: complete control of the entire supply of goods or of a service in a certain area or market
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