Google won't retire Hangouts after Allo launch, plans two-front attack against Apple iMessage



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    jupiteronejupiterone Posts: 1,564member
    I don't follow Google so this is the first I've heard of Allo. Not sure what they intended with that name, but this is all I think of.

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    Herbivore2Herbivore2 Posts: 362member
    gatorguy said:
    Agreed. If anything it's Facebook with Messenger and WhatsApp. It's simply the author's opinion that it's somehow "attacking" Apple. It's not IMHO. 
    Facebook Messenger = Hangouts
    WhatsApp = Allo
    Youtube Messenger = Instagram DM
    Facebook Groups = Spaces
    Facebook = Google+
    Instagram = Youtube
    Youtube connect = Facebook Live

    Why is this so confusing to people? No one is saying Facebook should fix their messaging or social network mess. When you are aiming to be a global player you cant use one product to serve the next billion people or billions of users period. Googles competitor is Facebook and Amazon not Apple. Google I/O 2016 was about protecting their turf against Amazon and Facebook.

    I agree that Google's true competitors are Facebook and Amazon. Both Facebook and Amazon are collecting data far more valuable than the data on "clicks" that Google collects. 

    Amazon has 80 million prime memberships and has actual hard sales data on their customers. Google only has data on clicks. 

    Facebook has over a billion users and can target ads far more specifically than Google as Facebook knows the actual preferences of each of their users. 

    Amazon's customers are going straight to Amazon's site whether on a browser or using the app. Text entered web based search is failing when it comes to the dominant e-commerce merchant. And Amazon sells video along with audio media. With the release of the Echo, Amazon has developed the premier voice search device, bypassing Google's web based engine altogether. 

    Google has been forced to abandon Google+ and Froogle was a joke. Did they really expect that service to succeed? They are now going after snapchat with Allo?

    And they think they will be able to overcome Echo with Google Home? 

    Google continues to flounder and play catch up giving the first mover advantages to the likes of Amazon and Facebook. Their own initiatives like Google glass are utter failures. And instead of continuing to upgrade their search engine, they spend capital on ridiculous projects. Bing provides better search results these days. 

    All of my computing devices are Google free zones. And the Amazon Echo is an amazing device. Google had better be worried and they better be worried a lot. 
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    tenlytenly Posts: 709member
    How can his be an attack against iMessage when it's not even the most used IM in the world? Until iMessage is cross platform it'll never be the most used and you'll always have to have other messaging apps if you communicate with people outside the U.S..
    What does being inside or outside of the U.S. have to do with anything?  iMessage works very well globally as long as you're communicating with other Apple devices.  There's also no need for other messing apps to communicate with non-Apple users.  SMS/MMS work just fine for that.

    Is there any kind of (believable) official ranking of messaging apps from most to least used?  It would be interesting to see who currently holds the lead and how close the top contenders are to each other.

    Anyhow - if we're comparing the top messaging "Apps" - we shouldn't even be talking about iMessage.  It's really a protocol more than it is an app.  As far as the messaging APP rankings are concerned - for iOS, we should be talking about "Messages" - which has the capability to send iMessages as well as SMS/MMS and it could very easily be a contender for most used messaging App if ranked by the number of messages sent - since the SMS/MMS capabilities do give it cross-platform capabilities.

    The Android crowd is split across a number of different messaging Apps - but almost all iPhone users use Messages at least some of the time.  It's conpletley possible that Messages could take the lead - and as each new alternative messaging app is released, they could further segregate the Android crowd - making it easier for Messages to claim the crown!
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    xdsrockxdsrock Posts: 2member
    @ Jan Manon, It's no longer iMessage but Messages. Google won't ever outdo Messages.
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    I personally like iMessage/Facetime more than Google's Hangout. However, there is one strong reason I use Hangout more than Apple's : I don't need to think about my friends/family are on Apple's service or not. Hangout exists on Windows, Mac, Android and iOS devices.
    That's pretty strong part of Google's service, and I believe Apple should provide their Android and Windows version of Facetime/iMessage etc.
    (Well, using AIM network on Windows/Android allows you to chat with people on iMessage but.. )
    Services which people don't use as much as their primary program for the purpose would perish.

    However, what's funny is that Google is doing the same mistake(?) for themselves.
    I thought Alo and (what is the other?) were to be available for Mac, Windows also, but they are only available for iOS and Android?
    Well, situation is better than that of Facetime, because Facetime is only available on iDevices.
    However, still you should think about whether the people you are about to talk to are on their smartphone or PCs.
    ( I prefer to pickup message call if I'm on PC/Windows)
    If you are on Hangout, you don't need to worry about it.

    Hmmm... If Google people are really serious about this, they may give up one service.. .what that can be?
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