Updated Apple TV may form foundation of Siri-based Amazon Echo competitor - report



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    dacloodacloo Posts: 890member
    And so what, you put the ATV in the center of your house? Most people put theirs in equipment racks/entertainment centers, which aren't ideal for voice reception or speaker output. 
    Totally agree. 

    I think it would be stupid not to release a speaker device I think. What is so great about the Amazon Echo is that you use it to listen to music while having the ability to request something ("I like to re-purchase Xy", "play songs by the Beatles" or "what time to I need to leave to arrive on time").

    The speaker could complement the AppleTV but also should operate as a standalone product so I can place the speaker wherever I want it to be, unlike the AppleTV itself.
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    wood1208wood1208 Posts: 2,901member
    Simpler solution is Bluetooth(and or WI-Fi) based standalone speaker/MIC connected, using Siri on ATV4, Update ATV4 with software. This buys Apple more time to build additional functionalities including 4K and other living room HUB functionalities in ATV5 Fall 2017 release.
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    ppietrappietra Posts: 288member
    wigby said:
    ppietra said:
    absolutely. I would actually say for Apple to release a specification that would enable any manufacturer in MFI program to make an HomeKit mic system that would connect to an Apple TV or even an iPhone for Siri. 
    This would be best way to let uses command Siri from anywhere in home but it will never happen. Imagine Apple, the company that values user privacy and security above everyone else, telling users to place microphones around the home to constantly listen to you. Never going to happen.
    don’t see what is the problem with the idea. It would be an extra that people would consciously have to buy if they wanted this functionality, a much better solution privacy wise than integrating a microphone in the Apple TV. The only thing necessary would be good voice match recognition to avoid unwanted users.
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    aricbaricb Posts: 27member
    I want a new Apple TV that has 4K capability. Also, a Siri that hears my voice more than once in a while forcing me to restart the thing so it starts working again.
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    rezwitsrezwits Posts: 874member
    I wouldn't mind seeing a FaceTime/Siri camera/mic that you can plug in to the USB-C port of the AppleTV 4, and use them in your front room...
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