Rumor: leaked schematics reaffirm dual-lens camera, Smart Connector for 'iPhone 7 Plus'



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    geekmeegeekmee Posts: 462member
    Jeesh!... Didn't anybody see the first word in this article"Rumor"
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    saldogsaldog Posts: 46member
    These are not schematics. These are pictorial drawings. Schematics are symbolic diagrams that do not accurately depict the product pictorially. These are scaled drawings which very accurately depict the product pictorially. Just sayin'.
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    xmhillxxmhillx Posts: 112member
    apple ][ said:

    Notably the schematics also imply that both iPhone 7 models will ditch a 3.5-millimeter headphone jack, turning to Bluetooth and Lightning connections instead.
    I am not convinced that that is a good idea.

    There have been so many issues with Bluetooth and audio. A recent issue that was in the news was with the iPhone SE and certain cars.

    Wireless audio is simply not good enough or reliable enough IMO.

    One issue that is a huge pain in the ass is Bluetooth latency. I can not stand any latency at all, and nothing is worse than watching a video where the audio is late.

    The other day I was watching some TV on my iPad and I sent the audio to a soundbar via bluetooth, and what you end up with is terrible audio that is out of sync with the video. Whatever you are watching ends up looking like a cheap, dubbed kung fu movie.

    There are also countless issues with bluetooth headphones and latency.

    Yikes. Not sure what equipment you're using.

    I've had and used iPhone with Bluetooth since like 2009. Speakers, car multimedia, earphones. Never had a single problem. Interesting.
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    mattinozmattinoz Posts: 1,597member
    Where are the iPhone 7minus leaks?
    Did Apple not learn anything from the 5se?
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    I am photography nut, I think this could push me towards a new iPhone!
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