Apple to make Bollywood star Shah Rukh Khan an Indian brand ambassador - report



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    anantksundaramanantksundaram Posts: 20,238member
    Brilliant move by Apple.
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    anantksundaramanantksundaram Posts: 20,238member
    cnocbui said:
    I have a suspicion that the Indian government had a bit more in mind than employing one person part-time, who hardly needs the work, as a condition for allowing them to dump used iPhones on the Indian market.
    I have a suspicion that you do not know what the phrase "they're not substitutes" means.
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    sflocalsflocal Posts: 5,778member
    maestro64 said:
    Ask Samsung and Motorola how well it work for them getting big time Stars to be their brand ambassadors.
    To be fair... their "brand ambassadors" were always caught using iPhones.  How often do you hear (if ever) of an Apple ambassador getting caught using a Samsung?
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    kiowavtkiowavt Posts: 88member
    First photo I have seen of him without his 12-pack abs showing. Did not recognize him. :)
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    sreesree Posts: 140member
    FIrstly, it is a very good move. He is very popular, and he has done something similar for Hyundai Cars (known as Kia in the US) in India. A company entering the indian market with their first car in 1998 are today the second largest car maker in india. And Shah Rukh Khan played an important role in marketing it to the indians. He has the recognition and brand value to do this.

    Now that that is done, coming to shah rukh khan, he is horrible !! He is like Tom Cruise on steroids, and his acting and his movies are amazingly atrocious!!! 
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    dasanman69dasanman69 Posts: 13,001member
    Steph Curry is a "brand ambassador" for Apple? Since when?
    Who would be a better brand ambassador for India then someone with Curry as their last name?   :D
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    gatorguygatorguy Posts: 23,256member
    OOPS, I guess Shah Khan is an Apple Ambassador...

    ... until he isn't.  Another rumor biting the dust?
    edited June 2016
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    SoliSoli Posts: 10,031member
    Soli said:
    "Hello, I'm a Mac."
    "And I'm an Untouchable."
    I realize you're trying to be cute and possibly funny, but that's a fucking moronic post. 
    I support your right to defend the caste system, but I also reserve the right to lampoon it for its inherent bigotry.
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    the.bear said:
    So the Shah Rukh Khan's advertising campaign versus ... Sundar Pichai and his effort to train 2 million Android programmers in India by 2018. It will be curious 5 years from now to see to what extent each approach yields fruit for its respective platforms. Google's previous India strategy, Android One, was a massive failure but that was not a Pichai project.
    Pichai's project to train 2 million Android developers seems to be the better idea of the two. It's a country that buys based on price not based on celebrity endorsements. Therefore automatically people will be buying more Android devices and then creating an environment with so many developers will make it that much more favourable to buy an Android device. 

    I think Apple needs to learn more about how the India market works rather than just hoping that brand status and marketing will do the trick.
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    gatorguy said:
    Steph Curry is a "brand ambassador" for Apple? Since when?
    I think it was just an ad or two, but perhaps that's what is meant by a "brand ambassador" in this story? If so then the new guy is doing some Indian TV ads for Apple? 
    He is not a new guy, you can search the biggest actor of the world and see what you got. He is an inspiration to me. He is just amazing.
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