Former Apple employees reveal iPhone-connected aftermarket car backup camera



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    icoco3icoco3 Posts: 1,474member
    sector7g said:
    This is cool, but most people who do not already have a backup camera built in will probably not be able to justify 500 dollars to add one on their car.
    Hey, this camera and a full tank of gas will double the value of my car.  B
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    I don't see it happening and if it does, it won't last because there's little common sense behind it. You can buy a backup camera and monitor for under $75. No one wants to steal those. Maybe this is why they're ex-apple employees.
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    SpamSandwichSpamSandwich Posts: 33,407member
    djkfisher said:
    Sounds good except $499 is a lot of money and not being part of the vehicle is a theft problem in a lot of areas.
    Precisely. In addition, they have a very short time frame in which to exploit the market for this since rear backup cameras are soon to be mandatory on all cars sold in the US by 2018:

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    birko said:
    Or you could just learn to drive and you wouldn't need a camera or things that go beep when you get close to hitting something.
    I'm not sure why if somebody may want a rearview camera it automatically means they need to learn how to drive. I learned to drive when I was 12 working on a farm. I've driven automatic and manual vehicles, compact cars to exotic cars, pickup trucks to tractor trailers, lawn tractors to heavy equipment.

    A couple of times when it's great to have a camera are backing up to a trailer or in the parking lot of a daycare center. Or any parking lot where there could be small children behind the car.  

    I'm currently on my third car that came with a rearview camera. I use it all the time and don't feel at all as though I don't know how to drive. To me it's one of those things you wouldn't miss until you had it, similar to active headlights. 
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    technotechno Posts: 735member
    The concept is nice but do I really want to open my phone and launch the app before I backup each time? I can't find any info on the site that mentions if the app auto launches when the car is in reverse. If it does, is it that the reason for using the diagnostic port in the car?
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    Oh my, nice product but awful price. $500. its just too much perhaps $300
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    xzuxzu Posts: 139member
    I like forward looking technology... but seriously the price is a little out of the range for the used car market, and my iPhone is utilized for navigation which negates the primary use of this whilst driving. 
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    nolamacguynolamacguy Posts: 4,758member
    cool product, I doubt theft will be that much of a problem - casual thieves aren't checking for high-tech plateholders..and a hex screw or whatever is beyond the casual thief looking inside your windows.

    but insane price. 
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    Might get an asian clone in 6 months for $40 on AliExpress.
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    looplessloopless Posts: 281member
    This will not succeed. Far too expensive, and the the location of the typical license plate is low, and often recessed.
    Most if not all new cars will have backup cameras well before the 2018 deadline.

    Also , in many new cars the system can detect a vehicle approaching from the side.
    Say you are backing out of a spot, and you can't see because a gigantic SUV is beside you. The system can detect an approaching car and apply your brakes before you see it. This only works with an integrated system.
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    Great idea...but $499 is too steep for me.  :|
    I agree, this should be a 100 to 200 product and it would fly off the shelves.  500 is way too much.
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    xamaxxamax Posts: 135member
    It should take power from the reverse light,  a single simple camera would activate when they go on. iPhone App should be always on in the background and take the screen once cameras are activated. iPhone and camera connected via Bluetooth if possible. Price ranging from $50-100, never 500, that's ridiculous. What are Venture Capitalists thinking these days? Crazy... Looks like it's aimed at gadget loving people but those usually have gadget filled cars. Old car owners won't buy something that's worth almost as much Solar System their car... Others will just wait it out till they buy new car, faced with such real world disconnected price. Maybe they think they can be the Apple of car after-market add-ins? Well, there is only one Apple and they over price crucial things people just got to have, not optional things people can live without. And they're Apple, crossed the desert for decades before making it...
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