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I was lucky enough to be able to play with one of these over the week-end for a Photoshop class. I think it was the 23" Apple and am now ready to get my own. I don't care about sizes so much as I would like to know what models are out there. I would like to spend at most $2500 and was hoping there was something available. Also, I can get the Sony ones as I am an Ingram-Micro seller and would love to sell some of them. If anyone is interested let me know, but that is not the point of this post. I am looking for advice for my own purchase. I would like this to be able to work with both PC's and Mac's as I have to deal with both of them on a constant basis.


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    Umm there was a post months back, cant find it.

    But Sun selll a great looking 24" widescreen monitor that will work in both PC and MAC formats!

    ....I just remembered the post: Check out the post with the name like "Computer Setups for 2002" or similar and half way through or something is a TiBook with the Sun LCD!
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    jpp1cdjpp1cd Posts: 135member
    That thread is 17 pages long or something like that. I was just hoping for some general advice or something. Any help. It doesn't have to be 24", it could be 17" and up for me to be happy.
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    The Sun monitor costs more than the Cinema HD, so forget about it. Here are the ones I know about:


    Cinema HD: $3500

    Sony SDM-P232W: $3000

    Samsung SyncMaster 240T: $3000


    Cinema Display: $2500


    SGI 1600SW (discontinued?)
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    dygysydygysy Posts: 182member
    You can get the Sony for about $2600-$2700, I'm considering getting one myself.

    I just want to see one in person.
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    Where can you get the Sony one that cheap? I am a Ingram Micro reseller and I can only get it for 2740 or something like that. I don't understand where these outrageously low prices come from.

    I checked the Sun one out and it is $4500 but that thing really is a beauty.

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    defiantdefiant Posts: 4,876member
    what about those from <a href="http://www.formac.com/"; target="_blank">formac</a>?
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    jpp1cdjpp1cd Posts: 135member
    Is the Formac big enough? I have a 17" LCD right now from IBM. The thing I really want is the Widescreen or possibly the HD from Apple. Is this worth it?
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    believe it or not, a widescreen 17" is going to be smaller than a normal 17". The measurement is a diagonal, and given the same diag, a more square-like shape will have more viewable area.

    Of course, studies show that the optimal rectangle for human vision is something along the lines of 34:21. That's not too far from the 3:2 of the TiBook, but a widescreen is actually beyond that.

    Here's an option: Buy two formac's for 700 each, get a dual-head video card if you don't have one already.


    Apple 22" Cinema Disp: 1600x1024

    Formac 20.1": 1600x1200

    Apple 23" HD: 1920x1080

    2x Formac 17.4": 2560x1024

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    I run an SGI 1600SW widescreen display. In fact, I've got it sitting right next to an SGI 17" CRT. I you measure from top to bottom (not diagonal) the viewable area is identical.

    Anyhow, you can find the SGI 1600SW on ebay with the Multilink Adapter (which you need) for about a grand, sometimes under that. The display is worth every penny. Each pixel can update 60 times a second, it is extremely color accurate, and runs at 1600x1024, yielding a 110dpi display. Personally, I prefer a higher dpi display...

    Anyhow, the SGI is the best bang for your buck. You could get two Formac displays, and you maye have more horizontal pixel space... but it isn't the same once you split between two screens.
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