European expansion of Pokemon Go commences with launch in Germany

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The Pok?mon Go App Store domination continues, with the German launch of the game seeing server overloads similar to the game's blockbuster U.S. launch.

The official Pok?mon Go Twitter account announced the release in Germany on Wednesday, promising that "future announcements" are to come. A report from earlier this week signaled that the hugely successful title will launch soon across Europe, as well as in Japan.

Players of the game have discovered that the game databases for most European countries have already been populated. It's possible that delays in rolling out the title could instead be related to addressing server issues from overwhelming user demand.

The launch has been plagued by ongoing server problems, though recent expansions from Niantic have somewhat mitigated the issues. A client patch issued on Tuesday to resolve over-reaching Google account permissions has had the unintended side effect of not allowing some users with Niantic-hosted Pok?mon Trainer Club accounts access to the game.

Still, efforts by Niantic couldn't address the initial demand in Germany, where outage tracking site tracked a large number of complaints about localized server connection issues.

The wildly successful Pok?mon Go was developed as a joint effort between Niantic and the various companies responsible for the Pok?mon intellectual property, including Nintendo. Wednesday's launch makes Germany the fourth country where the game is available, joining its debut last week in the U.S., Australia and New Zealand.

While launches in Japan and other countries in Asia are rumored to be "within a few days," the Japanese website for Pok?mon Go simply provides a vague 2016 window.


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    so any idea when the UK gets it?
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    Mike WuertheleMike Wuerthele Posts: 4,635administrator
    Not yet. The Wall Street Journal says soon, but the servers remain hammered. 

    Thursday wouldn't surprise me.
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    boltsfan17boltsfan17 Posts: 2,161member
    They need to fix the servers before they expand to other countries. 
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    nitrokev said:
    so any idea when the UK gets it?
    Well, you should have stayed IN the EU, shouldn't you?

    Never mind — and sorry, it was too good an opportunity ;-)
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    calicali Posts: 3,495member
    This craze is unbelievable.

    There's a popular street downtown and I sat at a cafe and counted how many people were playing. I counted 17 people in a row!!

    I thought I was amazed until I stepped out and took a walk.
    Turns out THE WHOLE STREET was playing Pokemon Go!!!!!
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    kevin keekevin kee Posts: 1,044member
    World domination! Anyway, I am still level 10. Have you ever killed anything in PokeGym??? On the side note, I wished Niantic develop AppleWatch extension for Pokemon Go to minimise injury from screen watching on the road. A nudge on the wrist is much better tp notify me there is a pokemon nearby.
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