Review: Apple's 27-inch iMac with Retina 5K display still best all-in-one around



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    jdwjdw Posts: 753member

    The screen is costly, yes.  But so is flash storage.  I opted for the 1TB.  You can get a 1TB Samsung EVO 850 Pro for considerably less, albeit at slower 6G speeds too.  Then again, you pay a premium for 64GB of flash on iOS devices even though super fast 64GB thumb drives sell for much, much less than what Apple charges.


    Regardless, I do not regret the purchase of this late 2015 5K iMac.  I hope the benchmark results help those of you still mulling a purchase.


    Best wishes.

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    If it can't run Crysis 3 in 4k at ultra settings, it is not worth $4000. Not meant for gaming you say? For $4000, it needs to be a one stop shop.
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    I purchased my first IMac, the 25" 5K Retina display, in April 2016 and so far it has proved to be the worst computer I have ever owned.

    From day one I have experienced multiple non stop problems, including crashing and freezing about twice a day on average, which have only got worse over time.  Furthermore, after freezing, not only is the force quit option unobtainable but the power button on the back frequently fails to restart the computer.  I have therefore found myself crawling under my desk to unplug it as a the only available option to get back online. 

    Apple Support is something of a misnomer. Junior technician training would be more appropriate.  On the one and only occasion I contacted them, regarding the IMacs refusal to send email from my aol account, I experienced this first hand as I was forced to wait an hour and a half while such a technician ran through their playbook of standard solutions.  None of them worked, as I already knew, but I was forced to suffer this ordeal before I could be passed up the line to somebody who might actually be able to fix the problem.  As it so happened, the Supervisor couldn't fix it either.  I eventually had to rely on my 16 year old son to bypass the issue for me.  

    At the end of this 3 hour waste of my time I asked about the freezing problem.  'Only one issue per phone call', I was told.  I was not inspired to call again.

    Of course the looks are impressive, the 5K display is superb and the user interface satisfyingly intuitive.  But what is the point of buying a Ferrari if it stalls at every other lamppost?

    I have long been a fan of Apple's innovative design and own many of their devices.  Perhaps this has only served to make this experience all the more disappointing.  After years of frustration with Windows PCs, it would seem that I jumped out of the frying pan and into the fire, having paid a substantial premium to do so.
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