Sling TV to add NFL Network & RedZone to live streaming this fall

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Creating another option for sports-addicted cord-cutters, the NFL has confirmed a deal that will bring the NFL Network and NFL RedZone to Dish's Sling TV.

Both channels will be added to Sling TV in time for the regular NFL season this fall, the league revealed in a press release. It didn't say whether the channels will be added to Sling's basic channel lineup, or reserved for one of the service's add-on packages, like the $5 Sports Extra.

The NFL Network broadcasts live Thursday night games, along with shows like Timeline and Good Morning Football. RedZone is the league's home for Sunday games, simulcasting matches running on Fox and CBS.

Sports has long been one of the main anchors keeping people tethered to cable and satellite packages, since it can otherwise be difficult to find legal live coverage, especially in a format that plays well on TVs and mobile devices. The biggest sports network in the U.S. -- ESPN -- has been reluctant to support streaming platforms for fear of detracting from its lucrative cable and satellite deals.

Sling TV is available on a number of platforms, such as iOS, Apple TV, Roku, and Chromecast. In June subscriptions split into "Orange" and "Blue" tiers, each with slightly different channel lineups, but the latter allowing simultaneous streaming on multiple devices.


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    gatorguygatorguy Posts: 23,423member
    Well that's certainly good news! I'm one of those Blue Tier customers that is absolutely going to make sure Redzone is part of the package. Combined with the already included FoxSports I think my sports fix is pretty well answered for, 
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    rufworkrufwork Posts: 130member
    RedZone is the league's home for Sunday games, simulcasting matches running on Fox and CBS.

    Assuming the author of the post isn't really an NFL follower there...

    RedZone cuts from game to game, showing you games where someone is likely to score very soon, or replaying plays where teams just did, in fact, score. Sometimes they'll show two to four games at the same time if there are many teams in the, well, "red zone", as football calls anything inside the 20 yard-line closest to the offensive team's end zone.

    Afaik, there are actually two Red Zone channels, one for DirecTV and one from the NFL Network, though both essentially do the same thing: Show you every score from the current games.

    It's essentially for fantasy football players, who can see quickly where their players are turning in points. The channel tends to show when someone goes over 100 yards rushing or 125 passing or so as well (another common fantasy football point scorer).

    Make sense? You really can't watch a single game, and it's not really a simulcast of a "match". It's live, but it's not any single game. It's fun, but it's a different animal than watching football. This is not the Sunday Ticket by any stretch. ;^)
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    rezwitsrezwits Posts: 831member
    Yeah but there are (usually) no commercials on RedZone, and when you pay $350, for Directv NFL ticket and only watch RedZone, this is going to be mightily welcomed. Because Sunday for me is fire up RedZone, and sit back commercial FREE from 10:00am to 4:00pm no remote in hand needed the whole time!
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    I am very surprised that these guys are able to swing these content deals, but Eddie Cue is having all sorts of difficulty.
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    I cut the cable cord 2 years ago and have missed RedZone since then. I love RedZone - not because I'm a fantasy football fan, because I'm not, but because I like being aware of everything that's going on - not to mention the lack of commercials. I still watch my favorite team when the whole game is on locally, but when they're not playing I'd rather watch it all. I've been waiting for RedZone to be available on a streaming service since I cut the cord back then, and am super-excited to have an option again.
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