'iPhone 7' expected to continue Apple's normal naming conventions, no 'Pro' model



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    bushman4bushman4 Posts: 837member
    Whats in the name. Whether its the iPhone7 or the iphone Pro or the iPhone X its still going to have the same features and the name is merely a tease.
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    TurboPGT said:
    This "design similarity" bullshit has got to stop. Apple does not have to dramatically change the look of the iPhone for it to be a new iPhone. Never mind the fact that I see quite a few physical design changes coming, enough that your existing cases won't work.

    But hey, it still has fucking ROUNDED EDGES, so its the exact same yawn.

    Yes!  In the end, human anatomy and physiology will dictate form and function.  The only variable will be how physically and socially invasive people will allow hardware and AI to be.  In the short term, there may be some resistance, but in the long term???  
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    I have it from a reliable source that the next Apple smartphone will be called... iPhone. It will be able to make phone calls, receive emails and access the web. Apparently it will also use a processor designated similarly to those that have come before but incremented by 1.
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