Early demo of Siri third-party app integration finds feature useful, vital to system's evolution



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    Rayz2016 said:

    Supposedly (via the recent interview with Phil, Craig, & Eddy), it is housed in a roughly 200mb file on your phone- I have to imagine that when you transfer your info to a new phone, say by way of iTunes backup; that that file would transfer over as well... as it obviously wouldn't need to get accessed by Apple or anything for that to happen.
    Mmmm.  But what about folk who just take the stuff through iCloud? I would imagine the file is transferred via Apple servers. 
    Hmmmm.... then I guess it would fall under the same purview of your other personal files backed up in that manner, in that it would not be "scanned" or used by Apple in any way other than stored on their secure servers, as encrypted data, at your behest.
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    xixoxixo Posts: 450member
    a command that surfaced photos

    like, 'found' photos, except they were bobbing up and down in water?

    whenever I see the phrase 'surfaced' (mis)used like this, I think of things that float and circle the bowl.

    UK invented English, we're just borrowing it...
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