Samsung Galaxy Note 7 bursting battery shipment stop may escalate to a recall



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    No no no, can't talk about that. Samsung can do no wrong. They do not have any problems, ever. Apple is the evil smartphone maker. Somehow this must be Apple's fault. /s
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    welshdogwelshdog Posts: 1,834member
    These modern batteries are way more complex than old school batteries. So many more variables have to be exactly right or kablooey.  Apple battery recalls a few times I think.  I once got a free replacement battery on a MBP because the supplied one (mfd by Sony I think) had metal particles contaminating the electrolyte and creating a fire hazard.  Wasn't there an iPhone model that had some overheating/fire issues serveral years ago?
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    lkrupplkrupp Posts: 10,038member
    mytdave said:
    No no no, can't talk about that. Samsung can do no wrong. They do not have any problems, ever. Apple is the evil smartphone maker. Somehow this must be Apple's fault. /s
    Not far off from the truth. Barely a mention on c|net and very few comments about this Note 7 issue. Ah, but “TouchID Disease” is splattered all over c|net and other tech websites with tons of trolls having a field day. 
    tmaypalominekevin keelolliver
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    qwweraqwwera Posts: 281member
    Reminds me of how the biggest tech blogs wholeheartedly in a concerted effort (they all know each other and work as a swarm that loves smelling their own farts) recommended the MS Surface to their readers, only to see those same customers stuck with highly defective and expensive brick.

    And funny how in all the reviews for the Note7, none mentioned that the modest Apple SE can run circles around the Note performance-wise and the case is still the most beautiful on the market even after almost 4 years.
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    haarhaar Posts: 563member
    Now thats what I call "Da Bomb"!

    lucky number 7... Burning up the charts!.
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    calicali Posts: 3,494member
    mike1 said:
    Samsung planned for that. Customers who pay full price for the first unit get a second unit for free.
    Is that what they meant with the buy one, get one free promo?
    Yes BOGO=Burn One Get One
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    volcan said:
    The recall will be smooth. /s
    "quite smooth..."
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    So this is why they made it water resistant.  Toss it on in if she gets a flamin'.
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    maestro64maestro64 Posts: 5,036member
    lmagoo said:
    I deal with LiPo batteries in the RC hobby...when they first came out years ago many of us (me Included) were exploding (when they catch fire they give off Hydrogen gas when water is used to put them out ) the batteries when chargers were not as sophisticated as they are now with Balanced Cell smart chargers...I guess Sammy just did not do their homework very well...Have to admit it's a little guess is the owners fail to see the humor...

    When nickel Metal hydride batters came out in the 90's and if they were over charge they would outgas, if you know your chemistry the outgas contained hydrogen and oxygen  and in the right environment you got a bomb. The batteries had to be properly vented so the gases did not build up in a contained space. Batteries blowing up or catching fire is nothing new. Any time you use chemistry to store energy you have a potential for these kinds of issues. 
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    cali said:
    Too soon?

    Awesome!! Let's make these viral!

    One more
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    SamDung "dungs" it again.  Just deserts for a "low life" corporation.
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    jungmarkjungmark Posts: 6,921member
    Sammy: our phones can help you keep warm. 
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    The Galaxy Note 7 is the most secure phone on the planet now. Who needs passcodes, fingerprint scanners, or iris scanners when your phone explodes. 
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    anomeanome Posts: 1,482member
    blastdoor said:
    Perfect timing... right before Apple announces its next iPhone.... "the safe alternative."

    Indeed. I'd say Samsung just solved Apple's audio jack marketing problem. "Sure -- you can't use those $300 headphones you just bought from the Apple Store with the iPhone 7 without a dongle, but at least you won't be getting 3rd degree burns!" 
    "With the new iPhone, we've reduced the potential ignition points, by removing extraneous connectors based on primitive electrical signalling."
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    OMG Batterygate, Apple is doomed!! Oh wait, it's not an Apple product? Nothing to see here...
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    I have too much free time.
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    Samsung planned for that. Customers who pay full price for the first unit get a second unit for free.
    exactly... Double your 'units shipped' count. 

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    So, it's not the 3rd party cable but rather Samsung internal battery itself is faulty. I am not surprise. Samsung fans in other forums still defending it as 3rd party cable failure and that it happened before to iPhone. What a joke. Still, it is embarrassing to happen for a $1000 phone. Hope people can now appreciate the amount of time R&D goes into iPhone lab, if it's not perfect it's not going out.
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    Ah, irony. Bet they’re not laughing now.

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    Typical Samsung cheap junk. I think Philips made the batteries and designed the charging circuit.
    Should boost iPhone sales next week.
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