Apple officially ditches headphone jack for Lightning, will include adapter in iPhone 7 box



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    hoodslide said:
    zmas said:
    Remember when you could charge your phone and listen to music at the same time?
    Remember when no one did that, ever, you fucking shill.
    tl;dr (you seem ADHD): Stating legitimate concerns doesn't make me a shill. Denying that these could be legitimate concerns makes YOU a shill.

    I keep my phone charged while playing music on speakers at home, so it's topped off when I leave. Or play music on a sleep timer while charging bedside. Others (esp those using iPhone as a hearing assist) charge from a small USB battery while using earbuds.

    Beyond that, I don't want to dick around with a dongle every time I want to hear music, and Bluetooth audio is still shit. Lightning also adds the potential for DRM lockdown.

    I always regret reading the comments on this site. So much stoopid.
    You just upped the Stupid Ratio (tm) 1000 times in 11 post; you're a black hole of "stoopid" (sic).
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    Three fucking new members just to complain here, how MacRumors. Any way we can automatically transfer their memberships there, or possibly they're already members and just came here to spread their stink around.
    Actually, it's the responses to them that sank the thread.
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    jkichline said:
    Hey, for all you whiners whining about not being able to charge your iPhone and play music at the same, get one of these and STFU:
    Y'know, I never even noticed that bloody headphone jack on the back! Nice.
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    Hopefully by the time we upgrade, some third party will come up with an adaptor that will allow connecting both a wired connection AND charging simultaneously. Due to our mobile lifestyle (full time RVers) my wife and I spend a great deal of time on the road listening to Audible books using a Jambox or the truck stereo wired to our iPhone. While using my bluetooth enabled hearing aids would be great (I could still leave the iPhone charging) but that would shut my wife out of being able to listen plus it would drain my hearing aid batteries more quickly.
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    toddzrx said:
    toddzrx said:
    wizard69 said:
    mac_128 said:
    Definitely surprised these will be in the box. And they're not really as slim as I'd hoped. I expect third parties to really improve these. No mention how these can be used for charging and listening. Hope Apple adds a simple pass-through to the charging cable in the box. Wonder when that will be confirmed?

    Boy Phil sure looked like he was uncomfortable making that announcement. Definitely took some balls to face the headphone jack removal head on as they did, rather than just focus on what they're adding and where they're going.
    he didn't seem uncomfortable to me. do you do much public speaking? I have and I still get the jitters. 
    Had to do several public speaking engagements in college as part of a communications course. Absolutely the worst possible experience when it comes to college. These guys pull off these reveals like real pros if you ask me.
    Couldn't disagree more.

    If you want to get good at public speaking, join the military where you get to do briefings day in and day out.

    If you ask me, Steve Jobs was easily the best public speaker Apple has ever had.  I say that because he had a natural comfort in front of a crowd; he enjoyed telling everyone about a new product or technology, as if he was in a conversation with a single person. He didn't read slides too much but used them appropriately to remind him of what to say.  He recovered from mistakes, and he wasn't afraid to go down unplanned rabbit trails in the middle of a discussion when he deemed it appropriate.

    Tim Cook is easily the worst speaker at Apple.  He's gotten better, but you can tell that addressing a crowd is NOT his comfort zone.  That's not a reflection of his job as CEO, just that he's the polar opposite of Jobs in this regard.
    and? why would you expect two entirely different people with entirely different backgrounds and skills to have the same presenting ability? yeah Jobs was excellent at presenting, but that's rare from a CEO -- that's why most have MCs and spokespeople. Jobs didnt need that. but that doesnt mean id expect Cook to have that same ability. he doesnt. but luckily for him thats not the core skill for a successful CEO. running the company successfully is. 
    And what?  Your reply adds no information or asks any intelligent question to what I just said.  No kidding Cook and Jobs came from different backgrounds and have different personalities.  What's that got to do with anything I said?  I was addressing the topic of comfort in front of a crowd, the point originally brought up.
    I get nuance isn't your strong suit, but you made a lengthy point about how Jobs was a better speaker than Cook. to which I effectively said, "So fucking what?" you still haven't explained why that's noteworthy. 
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    toddzrx said:
    i did, and they had a shot that clearly showed detection from the end. watch it again.
    Apparently you didn't catch the cutaway diagram that clearly shows the battery filling the volume of the stem.  Please re-watch.
    Christ dude. here -- you're wrong. 

    now tell me again the stem is just battery and no sensors/mics?
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    misa said:
    GrizRuss said:
    The adapter should have two tails, one to go to your old headphones and one to connect the charging cable so you can charge and listen through headphones at the same time. Forget the adapter, how do you charge your phone while listening with the Lightning Ear Buds? How do the geniuses at Apple not think of that? Steve Jobs is truly dead.
    AirPods + charging is easy -- just plug in while using wireless. if both your phone and your headphones are dead, you failed, try again next time. 
    You clearly never used an iPod or iPhone.

    Wander around outside for a few hours and notice how many people have headphones/earbuds on. When I worked for a call center, that was a 10 hour shift without an opportunity to charge the phone (eventually I bought a counterfeit charger off eBay just to leave at work) and I was able to listen to the music on the phone for a complete shift and be able to listen to it on the way to and from work. That was not going to be possible with an iPhone then, or even now, so removing the 3.5mm jack now made the iPhone no longer an option for people who listen to music for long periods of time.

    5 hour earpods are not going to cut it, and neither will a phone with less than a full day's charge. This is why I keep repeating that Apple did not learn the lesson from Nintendo's clamshell GBA, nor did it learn it from the times Nokia did it either. People DO NOT WANT a single interface jack, nor do they want dongles hanging off their device. You may as well make the device twice as thick and double the battery life, because that's what you're doing by introducing a dongle of any kind.

    hmm so your call center outfited you with 10-hour consumer cell phones? doesn't sound like a pro shop to me. regardless, now they can equip you with the BeatsX model with 30-hour wireless, and you can find something else to whine about. 
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    I'm sure it matters to some people but come to think of it I don't think I've ever charged my iPhone and used headphones at the same time; that seems strange to me. Meanwhile, a dock-enabled stereo is specifically designed for listening to music while charging the iPhone.

    In the car, I use a GoGroove Bluetooth to Aux adapter....great little device, one less wire to plug in when I get in the car. :smile: 
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    jbdragon said:

    I stream all my music in my truck.  I haven't used a headphone jack since early in with my iPhone 4.  It's called Bluetooth!. 

    You do realize that not everyone can afford the $##,#### to drive the latest vehicles, right? Or that there are even new vehicles that don't have Bluetooth?

    Hopefully Apple or a third party will make a splitter cable to support such situations. Such an adapter can actually be a net benefit, since cases often cannot allow enough room around the headphone jack to plug in anything but the very slimmest plugs.
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    I find the big hubbub regarding the elimination of the headphone jack amusing. Looking at the comments, the biggest gripe seems to be the lost ability to charge your phone and listen to your music simultaneously. Hmmm....Tim Cook mentioned something about the future being wireless...Maybe a solution could be wireless charging!!! Problem solved. Remember, it's technology, things will constantly change and the new changes will evolve which will lead to new developments. It's a never ending circle, so no matter when step in, you will always be behind the next new thing coming out.
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    cnocbuicnocbui Posts: 3,613member
    I find it pretty amazing  Apple didn't provide the aptX lossless Bluetooth protocol on iOS or come up with their own lossless streaming solution, something I had guessed they would do but was wrong about.

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    M.GM.G Posts: 1member
    Lol why are people saying nobody charges and uses headphones at the same time? Have you been to an airport? Everyone sits there charging their phones listening to music. People often have their phone plugged into power banks or portable chargers and listen to music at the same time. I live in NYC and I see that everywhere I go. Yes people actually do this...
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    wigginwiggin Posts: 2,265member
    cnocbui said:
    I find it pretty amazing  Apple didn't provide the aptX lossless Bluetooth protocol on iOS or come up with their own lossless streaming solution, something I had guessed they would do but was wrong about.

    Probably because they would have had to pay a licensing fee to use aptX. And is it actually lossless, or just a combination of higher quality (but not lossless) and lower latency? I wonder if Apple's own lossless codex (ALAC) could be used, or perhaps that's too high of bandwidth.

    The other thing I've not seen mentioned is range. I can wander throughout my house, even outside of the stated 30-ft range of Bluetooth and through walls, and still rarely have a hiccup streaming audio to my two different pairs of BT headsets from either my iPhone or iPad.

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