Inside iOS 10: Third-party compatibility opens up Messages to Apple's app universe



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    jasenj1 said:
    ireland said:
    Pls pls pls do iMessage for Android this year, 
    I think Apple just made this much harder. iMessage now runs little Swift applications in a heavily sandboxed environment. I think getting that onto Android would be very difficult. It will be interesting to see what sort of collaborative apps/environments emerge in iMessage. This has the potential to be paradigm shifting, or getting dumped as a clunky experiment.
    That's utter rubbish. If Apple can make Apple music for Android and FB can have messenger and WhatsApp etc cross platform the imessage can also be cross platform.
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    20 installed Apps on my device were updated with sticker packs.

    1 was updated with Siri integration.

    But I get downvoted for saying developers have become ridiculously complacent and need to be taken task by Apple for not being more proactive with Apple-created features.
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    That's fine, but I still need fix for properly determining device if I am not iCloud by using phone number. In fact that should be option to choose by user. Noyt all world is Apple or iCloud. It is time to start understanding facts.
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    The user and all related content has been deleted.
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