Apple's first weekend of iPhone 7 sales roughly in line with earlier iPhones, data suggests



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    Dracarys said:

    I think that data will be much better once all of the people who are preordered and reserved actually receive their devices. But since those numbers probably won't count towards opening weekend numbers, I guess it won't matter much. Still, not bad sales figures for a device that isn't even widely available.

    And for iOS 10 adoption rates, those numbers are crazy impressive. To have over a 1/4 of your installed worldwide user base all on the newest version in under a week has to say something about Apple's software. That's roughly 260,000,000 devices in less than 7 days. The real story should be that Apple can sustain these numbers year after year despite a rapidly growing user base.

    Pre-orders already count towards opening weekend sales as they were already purchased.
    You're wrong. 

    (You didn't read the article, did you?)
    Yeah. I preordered mine and haven't paid for it yet. Only due upon receipt of the phone. For me anyway
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    Not very impressive considering the top 4 carriers are giving them away for free with a trade in...
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    sog35 said: need to take into account the larger user base from the iPhone7, 6s, and 6.

    There were far less active iPhones when the 6 came out 2 years ago.
    I don't understand why this happens ever year. And every year I have to point out the same thing.

    Comparing iOS 9 adoption to iOS 10 adoption...if iOS 9 installable base was roughly 1 billion, for iOS 10 it is roughly 1.25 billion. Not even remotely comparable.

    26% of 1.25 billion is more devices than 31% of 1 billion, not fewer.
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    Hard to believe that the 7 out sells the 7+!  I hardly see anyone with a small size phone like that anymore!  Even small size ladies are packing phablets around the same size as the guys!  I remember when 5" phone were considered big!  Now, the average size is 5.7"!
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    jdgaz said:
    We have 2 iPads not capable of upgrading to ios10. Must be time for at least one new one.
    Check out the new 9.7" iPad Pro!  Duel speakers, A9X, pen function and much better picture!  High price too but worth the extra $200 more then the Air2!
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    isaw79 said:
    Not very impressive considering the top 4 carriers are giving them away for free with a trade in...
    Not true!  The carriers never give you anything for "free" or they be out of business!  It is in the contract somewhere!  Give the contract to a C.P.A.  He or she will tell you how much after the two years they making off you!  The carriers are not doing this free trade in just to be nice!  They are in the business to make money and have huge overhead expenses to pay!
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