Sao Paolo joins list of cities with Apple Maps transit directions

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Apple has quietly added a second Brazilian city, Sao Paulo, to the list of places with public transit coverage in the native Maps apps for iOS and macOS.

Travelers can now use Maps to navigate the city's bus and rail systems. As usual, different routes are color-coded, and the app will offer multiple routes where available.

Until recently, the only Brazilian city with Maps transit coverage was Rio de Janeiro. Apple added support in May, just three months ahead of the 2016 Olympics.

Most of Apple's transit coverage is still limited to the U.S. and China. Only a relative handful of cities in other countries are supported, and most of the world lacks any access whatsoever.

The company has been slowly restoring transit options since debuting iOS 9 last year. They were stripped out in iOS 6 as a part of ditching reliance on Google Maps data -- this initially resulted in some chaos, not only forcing people to turn to third-party apps for bus and train routes, but causing confusion as people occasionally ran into missing or mislabeled destinations.


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    São Paulo*
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    Not sure you would actually want to use public transport in São Paulo as a foreigner; it's a rather dangerous city. I'm happy for the Brazilians though...
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