Apple activates Search Ads ahead of Oct. 5 launch, gives developers $100 credit for first campaign

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As promised, Apple on Wednesday activated backend machinery for Search Ads, a new feature in iOS 10 that allows developers to purchase promotional ads which show up in iOS App Store searches.

Announced via email, developers can now buy ad space through Apple's dedicated Search Ads website. To incentivize adoption, the company is making the service "free-to-try" for a limited time by offering a $100 credit to put toward new campaigns.

Search Ads was officially announced earlier this month in the lead-up to Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference. Allowing paid promotions on a digital storefront is a first for Apple, which has for years restricted promoted content to selections curated by its own App Store team.

As its name implies, Search Ads surfaces apps by returning relevant results to App Store search queries. Apple says the system is designed to be safe, transparent and minimally intrusive to end users.

For example, promoted content will be clearly marked as an "Ad," and users can expect at most one suggestion per query. Further, unlike other platforms, Apple does not harvest user data, generate customer profiles, share data with advertisers or market to users under 13 years old.


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    Hey, if it helps people find the apps they're looking for, great.
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    calicali Posts: 3,495member
    I wouldn't mind Siri intergration. Place the ad at the bottom of Siris responses.
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    We are not paying Apple to see ads, that clutter our screens and eat our data. Pretty sorry on Apple's part.
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    macguimacgui Posts: 1,382member
    I'm not a fan of the OS funneling ads to me, especially considering the horrific App Store search functionality. If Apple ads subsidized my purchase of an iPhone, I might reconsider.
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    I thought that one of the reasons we pay more for Apple devices was so that we didn't have to look at ads on them.
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    I thought that one of the reasons we pay more for Apple devices was so that we didn't have to look at ads on them.
    I was under the impression the ads were app-centric ? Not the Google way where I would see a pair of headphones I was reading about,  or a pair of shoes that I looked at magically show up on every google page that I go to continuously until it's replaced by another search product, or I clear the history. 

    And who who has ever thought that the price of Apple products was for the purpose of not seeing ads ? 
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