Government agency issues warning over 'exploding' Samsung washing machines



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    mrboba1 said:
    macxpress said:
    What does this have to do with Apple? Just because its Samsung it doesn't mean it should be posted on an Apple site. I couldn't care less about Samsung washing machines. If I did, I certainly wouldn't come here to read about them. I wish this site would stick to Apple stuff and less about other companies, including Samsung. We might as well call this site TechInsider because its not always about Apple. 
    Don't be obtuse. 39 stories on the front page, 33 are directly Apple or product for Apple focused. 5 deal with Apple competitors primarily, and this one has only a tangential relationship to Apple.

    You must be one of those "stick to sports" when a sports talk show talks about their own life for 5 minutes of a 4 hour show.
    So explain to me what a Samsung washing machine has to do with Apple? Apple doesn't make washing machines, or appliances for that matter. When an HP printer goes bad, we don't hear about it yet Apple competes with HP on many things. 
    Look, this is supposed to be AppleInsider, not ConsumerInsider. Everything here should be about Apple and only Apple like most other Apple centric sites. If you want stories on other products then go to their specific sites, or a site that covers a wider range of topics (Ars Technica). How many other Mac sites report all day on what Samsung is doing? This is the only site that continues to do it. They're giving Samsung exactly what they want, which is publicity (negative or positive). Thats the only way they (Samsung) can stay relevant and AI is falling for it every time. 
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    bdkennedy said:
    This is huge because Samsung makes washing machines for other companies and they just get re-badged as Sears Kenmore, LG or Maytag, and I happen to own the Kenmore.
    Maybe you misheard the Sears salesman when you bought your Kenmore.  All Kenmore washing machines are re-badged machines from Samsung, LG, or Whirpool (Maytag is a subsidiary of Whirlpool).  Samsung machines are not rebadged as LG or Whirlpool/Maytag.
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     At least the Galaxy Note 7 is good for this.
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    Hmmmm, interesting. In New Zealand Samsung washing machines are already under recall and have exploded a number of times, as well as being implicated in numerous housefires See for instance Notice Samsung.pdf Or Or (with links to further house fires). Another voluntary recall handled by Samsung.
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