Netatmo launches Health Home Coach enabled for Apple's HomeKit

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Netatmo on Tuesday released the Healthy Home Coach, an indoor climate tracking system with support for Apple's HomeKit platform.

The Home Coach uses four sensors to track noise, humidity, air quality, and temperature. Several of them can be networked together to monitor multiple rooms.

While owners can tap a button on the device to trigger status lights, the main interface is a mobile app, which provides an at-a-glance dashboard readout. It will also make recommendations, for instance suggesting that users turn up the heat for a cold room, or turn off any humidifiers if moisture is climbing.

Netatmo hasn't specified the device's HomeKit support other than to say people can ask Siri about the state of their home. Data will also presumably show up in iOS 10's Home app, but Netatmo hasn't confirmed this or indicated that people can trigger other HomeKit devices.

The Health Home Coach is already shipping at a cost of $99, ?99, or ?99. It can be bought from Netatmo's website, or through various third-party retailers like Amazon and Home Depot.


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    ...I would ask about wifi and how that might affect a 'healthy' home...?
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    sdbryansdbryan Posts: 351member
    So which peer reviewed medical journal provides information about the risks of wifi to personal health? That is an actual question, not a taunt (well, it is kind of a taunt, unless there has been actual research).
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    • A few comments:

      - To wait for mainstream media and politics to recognize the issue with wifi and radiowaves, it's like believing the Earth was flat until we discovered it was round: and believe me it was a sphere before humans discovered it. The same way Tobacco and Car contamination was dangerous even when doctors recommended smoking

      - most experts in radiowaves and health can only get financing from telecom and pharma industry, little chance they get grants to find the negative effects- rather to mitigate results and make them inconclusive

      • wifi is the same radiowave length than microwave owens so if you think nothing happen when you go into a microwave oven, try it and send the video (or get someone to send the video actually)..
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