Apple hikes UK prices on some older Mac models by 20% in response to declining British pound



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    crowleycrowley Posts: 10,150member
    pembroke said:
    "...and people who voted against EU exit have a particular reason to feel aggrieved"
    > yes, that particular reason being that more people voted for the other option! 

    Given the UK's vote Leave result, of those who voted, fewer people are aggrieved than those who are not aggrieved. 

    In addition, popular as Apple may be, not everyone is in the market for an Apple product.  I don't know for sure how the Venn intersects with the voting balance, but given the published demographics, I suspect Apple will have more customers in the Remain camp.

    In addition, not everyone voted.  Indeed, quite a lot of people didn't.

    In addition, please don't bring well-worn politics into the thread.  The subject isn't the pros and cons of a vote that already happened, it's Apple's price movements.
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    greg160890greg160890 Posts: 1unconfirmed, member
    Apple have actually already raised prices before on the store since brexit, when the store cane back up from when it went down for iphone 7, so on some products its more than 20%
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    xbitxbit Posts: 351member
    2016: The year that I was embarrassed to be British. :(
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    A day later. 

    Im still stunned by how much of a complete asshole move this is by Apple. 

    The Mac Pro and the Mac Mini should be being discounted!!

    A rise like this is such a massive insult. Sales will disappear even they were even registering before. 

    I guess it's time we started to look at alternatives to the Mac. Which from what I can see consist of simply going home

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    At least if you leave your product on 3 year old equipment and hike the prices enough you can then argue that you are discontinuing this product because it didn't sell!
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    Call me a cynic, but I believe Apple would like the Mac to just wither on the vine. 
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    avon b7avon b7 Posts: 6,225member
    crowley said:

    crowley said:
    "...while others have simply had to bear the expense."

    That's not how businesses work. What are the supporting examples for this?
    Businesses work in whatever way it takes to sell things to people.  Raising prices when you don't have to is generally not an effective way to do that.

    Evidence?  The retail struggles to keep prices the same are playing out in public:
    No one raised the price, the price was altered by exchange rates.  When I cash a £ check at Wells Fargo and I get 22% less should I ask them why they lowered the amount of $s I get?  No, I have a brain and know the exchange rate went down.  Whining at the lady in the bank would be stupidity.  In fact I see her often and she kindly winced and said 'Ouch' as she isn't stupid either.
    Don't be obtuse.  The price of the Mac Pro was £2,499 last week, and £2,999 this week.  That's a price rise.  The exchange rate has not changed significantly since last week, so Apple have consciously decided that this was the time to raise prices.  

    Exchanging currency directly is a totally different kettle of fish.  Apple's prices in the UK are not listed in $.
    It is often overlooked but massive companies play the currency markets as part of their investment portfolios and planning for future decisions. It is highly unlikely that Apple suffers the fluctuations of the currency markets in the same way as smaller companies do. Apple probably has plenty of 'currency protection' in place in the short term. In spite of what they claim, this really is a price hike. It could be valid to cover research and development but I would challenge that if your final price is not just slightly out of range of your users but insanely out of range, you are asking for problems. Big problems. Just look around and tell me how many other computer companies have hiked prices across the board in recent weeks.
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