Concept imagines OLED Touch Bar on Apple's wireless Magic Keyboard



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    fearless said:
    I'd buy six of them now. Illuminated keys, yes please, with a zero illumination setting. Overnight plugin, no problem - or twice a week, whatever it needs. Direct attachment option via USB would be good. Ship them now! long as they don't put the charging port on the bottom of the device like they did with the mouse, preventing it from being used while it's charging.

    I wanna find whatever group of people decided that was acceptable and give each of them a swift kick to the bum and admonish them not to do anything like that ever again. Honestly. Just wait 'til their fathers get home.
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    dacloodacloo Posts: 890member
    As long as they don't use the butterfly mechanism for the keyboard, which feels you're typing on a dead granny.

    I love the current generation iMac keyboards.
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