New iOS TV App - doesn't let you hide purchases

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The new TV app forces the end-user to see all of their content. Imagine if you have 500 movies but only 10 movies or downloaded onto your iPad. When using the new TV app you can no longer see just the 10 movies that are on your IPad. You are forced to see all 500 and now you have no idea which ones are already downloaded. 

This is especially unfortunate when it comes to family sharing as I don't want my children to see all 500 of my movies. I want them to just see the movies that I've downloaded specific to their iPads because those are age-appropriate content.

in the old videos app you were able to hide all purchases but this feature no longer exist in the new TV app. Why did Apple remove features from a new version of the program. This is a big step back for all of us.


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    Doesn't anyone else have an issue with this?
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    someone found a spot they show you 'downloaded' content only.

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    Still, the problem persists.
    Example:  My 7 year old daughter has access to all the iCloud movies under the Movie Tab in the new iOS TV app (cause we share a family account) and now she can click into any 'R' rated movies and watch whenever she wants.  THERE NEEDS TO BE A WAY TO BLOCK FAMILY MEMBERS FROM SEEING ALL THE MOVIES in the cloud, just as there was under the old Videos app.

    If I ONLY want her to be able to access the movies actually downloaded on her device, how do I do that?  The Downloaded Tab does that, but how do I hide all the iCloud movies under the Movies Tab?
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    dasanman69dasanman69 Posts: 13,001member
    shywizard said:
    Doesn't anyone else have an issue with this?
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