Apple hires former Porsche race car director for alleged 'Project Titan' role



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    ireland said:

    There's no way in hell they release a hybrid.
    Don't be so sure. While pure electric works well in Europe, where travel distances are typically less than in the US, the lack of range anxiety with a hybrid has huge advantages. And besides, there are not enough charging stations by a factor of 100 to make widespread electric functional in the US. I loves me some Tesla, but we're not ready for a major increase in eCars. Neither are battery pack makers, although Toyota is rumored to have made a big breakthrough.

    Either way, I'd buy one whatever the power plant. By the way, is a nice web site for eCar news.
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    gatorguygatorguy Posts: 23,365member
    ireland said:
    Purely on instinct I can tell with a great deal of confidence the stories that Apple have pivoted away from making an actual car are untrue. Why? It makes no sense to develop a self-drive software operating platform for a car to use without a car to use it and no car company would give Apple that ability and Apple wouldn't want it. The stories are I would say ideal for Apple is it allows them to push on as the press go for these red-herrings—then 2020 is considered early. Every product will have bumps in the road to release, an autonomous, electric Apple car would certainly be no exception. Dozens of people from over 1,000 leaves a lot of people doing work.

    P.S. Whomever re-capitalised the "I" in my username, I thank you.
    I think you're right. The auto industry is ripe for disruption as Tesla has demonstrated. Battery power and personal supercomputers are Apple's daily bread. What's left are mechanicals that can be bought and or reverse engineered. The watch showed they could go small, the car will show they can go large. 
    Look for major announcements in the first week of January from both Ford and Toyota regarding autonomous vehicles. Commitment to self-driving transport is coming faster than we probably thought possible just two years ago. 
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    1st1st Posts: 443member
    hybrid is better than electric only... just for the extreme cold weather alone...hopefully, it is good porsche design with low center of gravity and enough noise to make chaps turn their head (and ears). 
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    C'mon, Tim just buy VW Group and you get the whole ball of wax.
    apple jockey
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