MacBook Pro fails to earn Consumer Reports recommendation for first time



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    gatorguygatorguy Posts: 23,573member
    From another blog's article today Consumer Reports is standing by their original testing, and reiterated they are working with Apple to understand the unusual battery-life results.
    FWIW that blog goes on to say:
    "...Our own video rundown, which exactly replicated Apple’s own test conditions, achieved 8 hours 10 minutes and 46 seconds. In light, real-life use, I’ve been experiencing around 7 hours. Our reader poll found that the largest group of readers was reporting five hours or less."

    Certainly a wide range of results. 
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    More on the terrible MacBook Pro keyboard from The Verge:

    "The ultra-flat keyboard with 0.55mm key travel is also not professionally minded. Its purpose is overall thinness, but I know of no app developers, globetrotting businesspeople, or digital artists that had "more thinness" anywhere near the top of their priority list of MacBook Pro improvements. Professional writers might have asked for more tactile response, not less, and Apple's keyboard alterations seem to primarily serve to optimize and harmonize its design rather than enhance any functionality."

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    linkman said:
    For those of you saying that CR doesn't have advertising, then how do you explain the image below? If you think this is fabricated, then go to the web site yourself and click on ad choices at that bottom.

    You are aware of the difference between accepting advertising and getting a check for site metrics from an ad network, right?  Seems kind of hard to bias reporting when the people writing you checks, like Google, accept ad dollars from literally thousands of vendors, wouldn't ya think?  "Hello, Facebook, yeah we're up to our auto review this year so be sure to strong-arm Subaru and we'll give them a swell review".  In case you haven't read the reviews for cars, CR was merciless on Subaru.  While you ponder that, or look for other reasons for bias, consider how many sites give you the option of turning all that off.  

    CR does get things wrong on occasion, and I've seen them print retractions and warnings about previous product reviews.

    Or, you can read Amazon reviews and Yelp, doh-mattah to me.  I trust CR over a public traded company any day of the week.
    What you call "site metrics" is your exact browsing history on that site. They don't accept advertising but they sell your browsing habits, your items of interest to advertisers. Every minute detail of your browsing, everthing you click are reported to advertisers. This is just like a hidden camera following you and recording you in the shopping mall. This is worse than displaying ads. You can ignore displayed ads or turn them off with some browser extensions, but you cannot hide your browsing history and your items of interest while you navigate in that site.
    And just about every other site on the internet, except CR allows you to edit your preferences.  While I agree (whole heartedly) with your sentiment on the issue, I fail to see how that imparts any bias in their tests and recommendations.

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    avon b7avon b7 Posts: 6,692member
    Soli said:
    KWCH said:
    because they took away the glowing apple logo.
    LOL, but on a serious note it amazes me how many people have thrown a fit over that.

    At least some of them are the same people that will parrot that Apple is all about form over function, but then complain when a better backlighting makes it infeasible to have the backlight bleed through the rear of the display casing.
    Most people liked the glowing logo. It was a nice touch and an elegant, simple use of the backlight (just as the pulsating sleep light is). People aren't 'throwing fits' over losing it. They are complaining about many things, some more important than others. It's the combination of all these things that people are complaining about. They are certainly not douchebags.
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