Why is Apple still losing market share??



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    repeat after me:


    those three words describe the current dump aapl and apple is in.
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    Price, speed, FUD, price, price, price, speed, price, some more FUD... speed, and oh yeah... did I mention price?
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    mcqmcq Posts: 1,543member
    <a href="http://news.com.com/2100-1040-981068.html?tag=fd_top"; target="_blank">HP wrestles top spot from Dell</a>

    About halfway down:


    Apple Computer, the fifth-largest manufacturer in the United States, saw its U.S. market share rise from 2.9 percent to 3 percent in the fourth quarter. <hr></blockquote>
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    SOFTWARE SOFTWARE SOFTWARE... I'm still a windows user... but will soon be buying either the next ibook (if it is updated soon) or perhaps the 12 inch pb (edu pricing - 1499) and when I've told friends I'm going to buy a mac they think I'm crazy. Why? Software! When you walk into Wal-Mart, Best Buy, Circuit City, Target, etc., etc. there is no Mac software being sold. Therefore, the typical avg. joe believes Mac's don't have Office or any of the other software they need/want because Apple doesn't sell it through the major retailers (whether it is Apple's fault or the retailer's I have no idea). Next they tell me it is slow. Why do they say that? Not because they know the specs on the new machines (although some do and they don't and can't comprenhend the megahertz myth; at least my business and liberal arts friends) but because when they are forced to use Apple's in the computer labs they are SLOW. What do typical students use the mac's for in the computer labs? Internet Explorer of course, the very same software MS probably purposefully made slow on the mac. These mac's are also imacs from 1999 or 2000 if they're lucky (although we have a few new iMacs) but they all run OS 9. What is the problem with OS 9 for a Window's user? Well two things: having to click on the computer icon then aapplications and so on to get to the software and having many finder windows opening; as well as a very hard to use round imac mouse to hit seemingly small to windows users minimize, maximize, and close buttons. On top of that the multiple IE windows they open they have a hard time changing windows (that is why Safari MUST have tabed browsing). On top of all that MS Office 98 is still installed and not all of their files will convert correctly back from the mac to the pc. Oh two more things, (I know I'm rambling, sorry) Windows users hate the one button non-ergonomic mouse! Mac mice have to be the worst designed mice in the world for a Windows uesr and since they are Mac users in the first place they don't understand that they can right click by using ctrl and when they are informed they can they ask why should they have to do that, it makes it so complicated (NOT SIMPLE APPLE NOT SIMPLE, get over the ego trip Jobs about the one button mouse). The last and final note would be Novell support. Schools and businesses more and more are using Novell to network their PCs enabling them to reimage the computer via the network, access programs over the network, and do various other administrative tasks via the program. As of right now, I believe Novell still only has an OS 9 client. My University, Illinois Urbana-Champaign (yes, where NCSA is located, the fastest supercomputer in the world is located, and where Mosaic/Netscape started) has almost abandoned Macs completely and gone all Dell since OS X came out and Novell support was lost (interestingly the computing network administrators use Jaguar though, but they don't have Novell networks).

    Actually I've decided to rant on about two other problems killing market share (stop reading if you don't like my ranting) Apple has to have a headless iMac. Most schools have already purchased expensive large VGA monitors they intend to keep a while because they don't go obsolete as quickly as the cpus. And schools as well as students and other people without money coming out the wazoo that would like to buy/upgrade/switch to a mac would like to keep their investment in their monitor and not be forced to buy a 15 inch lcd and get less performance or be forced to buy a very expensive 17 inch lcd in order to get better performance. Nor do they want to buy an all out PowerMac. My school typically buys now all optiplex Dell's that go for like 700-800 bucks. The units are cheap, they can use their old monitors with them, and they can be easily serviced by the computing services personel with standard commodity priced equipment if need be. Also Apple needs to show what macs are made of. Show them in action and why they're so much better than some Dell or Gateway. They could do this through HSN or something.

    In summary:

    Apple must distribute software through the major retail channels (any ideas on how to do this, I'd like to know) so people believe Mac's have software as well all already know.

    The Mac's megahertz myth story has to be put in lamens (sp?) terms and advertised to the pulic.

    Novell needs to get out a new OS X client

    Apple must supply at least as an option an ergonomic mouse with their computers that has two buttons minimum and a scroll wheel and if they won't produce it, sell logitech's without forcing users to buy the promouse.

    Apple must have a headless iMac unit (like the cheap cube-like machine I mentioned in an earlier post) that is priced anywhere between 500-900 dollars.

    Apple needs to show off their OS and computers better in their ads. Most of my friends still think of Mac's as OS 8 or 9, not 10 and it has been out for, what at least two years? Perhaps a couple months of Apple selling through Home Shopping Network, shop NBC, etc. on TV where they spend an hour playing with the computer showing how cool it is and all of its cool software could do the trick. Even if it doesn't sell a ton on HSN (which I'm sure they could sell at least a couple thousand on if systemax can) they would at least have shown off to perhaps millions how cool Apple software and hardware is.

    Sorry for the poor transitions in this post... it was meant to be a small post but I got carried away. I'm supposed to be sleeping so I don't feel like editing it, at least tonight.
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    [quote] Apple Computer, the fifth-largest manufacturer in the United States, saw its U.S. market share rise from 2.9 percent to 3 percent in the fourth quarter. <hr></blockquote>

    Unfortunately their overall marketshare has dropped to 1.93%...
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    Apple finally has their software dazzingly competitive (if still a bit untuned), but their hardware -- esp. in the desktop area -- is now woefully uncompetitive.

    This isn't as painful in the consumer market, where ease of use and design can count more than raw speed. But it still hurts. Plus the consumer market in computers is pretty depressed.

    And in the professional market, there's nothing they (and we -- grrr) can do but wait for 970.

    The business market (which I believe Apple is very slowly trying to inch their way into) is more complicated, but interesting. The combination of increased acceptance of non-MS solutions, and (say) the introduction of a reasonably priced, less look-at-me! designed headless computer could give Apple an opening in this area.

    I just hope Apple doesn't let MS outpace them with Longhorn, but keeps the level of innovation, and principle of simplicity in OS X going to full blast. It looks like that's exactly what they're doing. The only other thing they can do, like us, is... wait.
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