HBO Go adds support for Apple's TV app, single sign-on authentication

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HBO on Thursday released an important update to its iOS app for cable subscribers, HBO Go, enabling support for Apple's dedicated TV app, as well as single sign-on with compatible cable or streaming providers.

Movies and shows available in HBO Go can now be tracked in Apple's TV app, which was released in December alongside iOS 10.2 and tvOS 10.1 to provide a unified interface for browsing and watching shows.

HBO Now -- the standalone version of Go -- has been compatible with the TV app since the beginning, so it's not clear why HBO took so long to carry over the feature. Indeed, support hasn't been automatic and omnipresent among streaming services, and when it is present it may be inconsistent, as with Netflix, which isn't officially supported yet, according to Apple.

Single sign-on compatibility means that HBO Go can automatically grant access if a person has already authenticated with a provider. So far, the only major providers on board include DirecTV, Dish, and the internet-only Sling TV, itself a Dish subsidiary.

Finally HBO has updated Go's home screen, making it possible to quickly resume play of the last movie or show a person was watching.

HBO Go is a free download, and runs on any device with iOS 8 or later. An Apple TV version is also available.


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    Now if they would please convince Starz to update their app that I have sign in to every single day fresh.
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    When are HBO subscribers with Charter/Spectrum going to be able to access HBO Go on Apple TV?
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    You say cable. Does DISH work the same way?
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    FatmanFatman Posts: 513member
    Add DirectTV Now single sign-on (Not just DirectTV) and PLEASE .... I know I'm going out on a limb here ... PLEASE add Amazon Prime App! Its omission is keeping people from buying AppleTV and instead going with FireTV or Roku.
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    StrangeDaysStrangeDays Posts: 12,879member
    Fatman said:
    PLEASE add Amazon Prime App! Its omission is keeping people from buying AppleTV and instead going with FireTV or Roku.
    Barking up the wrong tree here -- Amazon has to create and publish an Amazon Prime App, it's their content. Apple and ATV is just a platform. The problem is Amazon hates its customers and won't give us an easy to way to consume the content on a platform that competes with their own hardware (Fire sticks or whatever crap theyre peddling).
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