Apple weighing legal action against Trump immigration ban, to match employee donations to ...



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    This thread has been closed because posters were observed talking about the title content. Please refer to AppleInsider's Terms and Conditions or discuss the contents of this particular post in a totally different area from this story. kThanks. (>_<)
    It will be. It boggles my mind how admins complain about members posting about political topics and then every other article here is a political article. I guess were just not supposed to post anything anymore. If you don't like members posting about political topics then stop posting political articles. 

    All of these posts will be deleted before the end of the day....
    While I recognize that this is a privately owned site and they can do whatever they want, I agree that it is incredibly silly to post political stories and then get all huffy about people making on topic comments. 

    I have no no objection to the political stories, just the weird double standard.
    It's not the content of the discussions that are the problem, it's the behavior that many of you show towards each other.

    Discussion is fine. Most of the posts are fine. However, when you guys get snippy with each other or name-calling IN ANY REGARD, that's a problem.
    Mike, that has happened here for many years even on subjects as benign as RAM or chip suppliers. It's clearly an overreaction based on political preferences, IMO.
    It is not that simple. The new administration is talking adding VAT to all imported products (that would affect Apple and it's customers bigly). #45 has been acting like Emperor of the USA writing executive orders without legal counsel and consideration of the far reaching implications to person that have already passed a strict vetting system put in place by GW Bush's admin. Cook is making it know that companies like Apple recruit the best talent in the world in addition to this country. #45's actions will harm American companies ability to stay on top of heavy international competition with his agenda. Apple is a huge company with interest and customers around the globe, it is in Apple's interest to confirm the companies culture as inclusive and not dictated by one elected official. 
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    Some of you guessed it....

    This thread has been locked and multiple posts have been removed due to numerous user complaints, as well as violations of our commenting guidelines. We're just asking you to play by the rules, folks. You can have an opinion without attacking each other and name calling.

    Please visit our Political Outsider forum to discuss politics and policy. If you want to leave feedback, we also have a forum for that as well. I talked it over with Neil this morning, and going forward we are going to simply disable comments for news that we think is too politically charged.
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