GoPro expands stabilized sports cam mounting options with $100 Karma Grip extension cable

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The ability to mount an iOS-connected GoPro with the image stabilizing Karma Grip can be greatly enhanced with a newly launched extension cable accessory, though it carries a $100 price tag.

First announced last fall alongside the Karma Grip, the new extension cable is now available to purchase for $99.99 through resellers such as AppleInsider partner B&H, which now advertise the awaited the accessory as in stock. GoPro's own website still lists the accessory as "coming soon," but the company told Engadget that the accessory will be widely available this Sunday.

The extension cable greatly enhances the capabilities of the Karma Grip stabilizer by separating the gimbal portion of the accessory from its controls and batteries.

Out of the box, the gimbal plugs into a large handle that houses the battery and controls, which limits the ability to mount the gimbal on places like the top of a helmet or the user's chest. With the extension cable, the handle can be safely stowed away in a backpack or pocket, allowing for a lighter and less bulky mount with the gimbal and GoPro camera.

Still, at $99.99, the three-foot extension cable comes in at a third of the cost of the Karma Grip itself, priced at $299.99. And customers will still have to have either a Hero5 or Hero4 camera to plug into the stabilizer.

AppleInsider has tested the iPhone-connected GoPro Hero5 camera with Karma Grip accessory, and found it to be an excellent combination for smooth footage while engaging in activity. However, the lack of the extension cable prior to this week did severely hamper our ability to use the grip in any manner other than handheld.

In addition to the extension cable, GoPro is also rolling out new firmware for the Hero5 cameras that adds voice control for Korean, Russian and Portuguese. Like Apple's "Hey Siri," the GoPro Hero5 includes handsfree voice control to start recording or take a picture.

Finally, GoPro has also launched a new extension pole dubbed the "El Grande," reaching up to 38 inches in length and collapsible down to 15 inches. It has a ball-and-socket mounting point at the end, allowing users to angle their GoPro camera in any direction in 360 degrees.

The El Grande is also set to launch Sunday with a retail price of $60. It's available to preorder at B&H.


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    MacProMacPro Posts: 19,309member
    I hope GoPro pull through. It seems a shame they've struggled financially. Not something I've followed, was bad management to blame? It always seemed they have good products and a nice niche market.
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    GoPro loses market. There are now many other low cost cameras that do the same with similar quality. Next real 4K Chineese hardware is gonna kill them. On top of that all GoPro accessories fit those new cameras... that come with less expensive acessories... that fit GoPro. How I know? I have both and I am not spending few times more on GoPro camera anymore. Easy to compare side by side.
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    Hope they will survive the bad weather :(
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