New Power Mac w/17" LCD or PowerBook?

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Now that the price on the single-proc Power Mac is quite nice, I am stuck in a hard place...I could get it plus the nice 17" LCD from Apple for a very nice price -- plus my student discount helps. I use an older PowerBook G3 now and love the portability, though....such decisions....


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    chychchych Posts: 860member
    So have a main computer and a laptop, use main computer for most things, laptop for things that need portability.
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    [quote]Originally posted by chych:

    <strong>So have a main computer and a laptop, use main computer for most things, laptop for things that need portability.</strong><hr></blockquote>

    I thought that would be a great as well, that is until I did just that. The problem with having both a main computer and a laptop is that you will continuously be moving files back and forth from one to the other. A real pain in you know what after a while. I say get the PowerBook. <img src="graemlins/cancer.gif" border="0" alt="[cancer]" />
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    pscatespscates Posts: 5,847member
    A couple of years ago I thought "ooh, I can have an iMac AND an iBook...", so I bought an iBook.

    NEVER used it.

    My iMac was snappier, had larger screen, DVD player (yes, I actually use it), FireWire, etc.

    I was constantly making sure my iTunes libraries were the same and my projects, freelance work, journals, etc. were the same on both.

    Personally, I'll never own two computers again EXCEPT to make one as a dedicated surfing/e-mail/iTunes station (now with iSync, Rendezvous and AirPort that wouldn't be a problem).

    Now that PowerBooks are as powerful and full-featured as G4 towers were less than a year ago, I say "get the PowerBook".

    In particular, the 17" model is a total desktop replacement in every way! Anyone who can't make do with "only" a 1GHz G4, SuperDrive, 17" widescreen, FireWire 800, AirPort Extreme, USB, Ethernet, 512MB RAM, etc. has problems
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    fred_ljfred_lj Posts: 607member
    I just made my decision and found a 2-month-old 867MHz TiBook --- what's great is it was owned by a business, so it has 768MB of Crucial SDRAM and an Airport card installed (not exactly a huge deal, but the price I got it for is actually better than I could have gotten it new with the RAM and AirPort card from Apple, even with the ADC discount). Plus, no sales tax to haggle with. All for 2110. I hope it lasts me a while -- i haven't made a Mac purchase in three years (and that was a 350 B/W G3 [the Powerbook I use now was my brother's] which I got because the G4s had come out and it was cheap). So it looks like the good deals for me (and for lots of people I imagine) will come with new revisions of Apple's product line!
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    fred_ljfred_lj Posts: 607member
    Oh, and I forgot! THANK YOU ALL for such wonderful advice. Feel free to keep the convo going -- if anybody's had much experience with the Ti 867 i'd love to hear from you! (I'm sure it will blow the pants off my 400 G3 Pismo...)

    <img src="graemlins/cancer.gif" border="0" alt="[cancer]" />
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