Search for seemingly anything in Photos for iOS and Mac thanks to Apple's object recogniti...



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    sutarsutar Posts: 1member
    It is very impressive. Work's well. I do wonder how this recognition is made. On the user's devise, via software, or off-device, via the cloud. Apple is very keen on privacy, and a lot of us clients also...
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    boredumbboredumb Posts: 1,418member
    dysamoria said:
    boredumb said:
    Hah!  You call that a list??!?!!?  ;)

    I tried it with "elephants", and discovered I had 8 pictures of elephants in Photos...
    Some may have been from a niece's African vacation a few years ago, but some were probably
    used by my wife as "models" for her paintings (she knows I consider them a 'totem')...
    Strangely, though, it didn't locate the resulting elephants she'd painted from them...?
    I haven't the heart to tell her  o:) :D
    Search for "art". I know it is a functioning term because it's the only search term that worked for me in my small collection of images (it pulled up graffiti I photographed on a walk)
    Thanks for the suggestion - sadly didn't work, though.  In my current library, I have over 3400 "photos" of her artworks,
    primarily because we used to share a library, and a cloud, and she likes to take multiple pictures of works in progress.
    Of course, compound searches don't work - at least "elephant art" didn't (they have a little trouble holding smaller brushes in their trunks - rimshot, please).
    So then I tried 'giraffe' (another totem) and it brought up both photos and paintings.
    So I'm guessing the elephant thing is a recognition issue, and could conceivably improve over time...
    But I'm still not tellin' her.
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    mdriftmeyermdriftmeyer Posts: 7,503member
    Without me adding the keyword tattoo to pictures it cannot discern them. I would be very impressed if they dig deeper in their object recognition and have tracing that can make out geometric patterns and index them in a set as tattoos.
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    bestkeptsecretbestkeptsecret Posts: 4,271member
    MacPro said:
    Holy Crap!  It works!

    You're saying it wrong.

    "It just works!".

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    dachardachar Posts: 330member
    MacPro said:
    dachar said:
    nhughes said:
    I was excited when this came out, and it's pretty useful sometimes, but the one thing I really wanted it to do, and I *know* I'm not alone, is search for memes. Apple can find a stack of avocados but it can't find giant letters sprawled on a pic? This is a huge peve of mine. And that would be something genuinely useful, especially for anyone under 30. 
    I realize it's not the solution you're looking for, but a workaround would be to take memes and manually put them into their own album. If you do this on a Mac, it will sync with your iOS device, potentially making it a little easier/quicker.

    An app I used to use, Meme Generator, at one time automatically put user-generated memes into their own album. However, that functionality appears to have been broken since early 2016, based on what I can see in my own album.
    Thanks for the reply. That's a good thought, I'll definitely consider doing that next time I fire up my MBA.
    My folders don't sync between Mac and iOS. I have reported to Apple who have now escalated to twice now to a senior engineer. Suggest you check a few smaller test folders first before spending too much time on creating your own folders,
    If you mean your Albums don't sync in Photos between iOS and Mac, try switching off Photo's iCloud connections on both and re connecting (which will require your Apple ID).  I did this and now they all sync again after a while they didn't.  
    Thanks for this advice. Yes Apple asked we to sign out and sign in all of my devices, Mac, iPhone and iPads. Sadly that did not solve the lack of sync of the. photos folders. Hopefully one of Apples Senior Engineers will be contacting me today about this. A disappointing issue appears that if you search to recognise and then save people the searches don't sync between devices. 
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    mdossmdoss Posts: 40member
    Does not work on iPhone 5 with iOS 10.3.  Seems to want a newer phone.

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    gatorguygatorguy Posts: 24,387member
    sutar said:
    It is very impressive. Work's well. I do wonder how this recognition is made. On the user's devise, via software, or off-device, via the cloud. Apple is very keen on privacy, and a lot of us clients also...
    Locally for the most part.
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    BobVB3BobVB3 Posts: 3member
    ..I've stopped using Photos because of it, and never knowingly iCloud...

    No off switch. It's just all a little creepy to me, every 'upgrade' seems to dig deeper and deeper..
    I’m guessing my clients and friends wouldn't want their images tagged and uploaded without their knowledge either.

    No need to worry, it all happens on your iOS device and the data isn’t transmitted anywhere.  I have 54,000 photos it has all cataloged and its amazing I can show people every picture I’ve ever taken of them, all the ones at the beach, etc.

    Its not like Google where they harvest the data.
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    As the article says, Photos lets you identify and name people. 

    What I find surprising is that there doesn't seem to be a way to search for people by name. "Global" search is not aware of them, and there doesn't seem to be a way to get to the collection of pictures of a person that opens when you click on that person by a search for the person's name.

    Same me problem in Google Photos, btw.  
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