It doesn't matter that Apple's 'iPhone 8' may not support 4G Gigabit LTE or 5G



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    brucemcbrucemc Posts: 1,541member
    Samsung will have the bragging rights "We can do 1Gb. Apple Can't"
    Expect TV adverts all over the place saying this about the time of the phone release.

    It won't matter one bit that the carrier infrastructure nor that the 5G standard is ratified, Apple will lose out. The Phone buying public will see that one phone can do it and the iPhone can't. They'll buy the one that can despite the fact that no one could use it this side of 2020.

    Sorry apple but those are the fact of life. Personally, I don't care but Data speeds are important to quite a few people.

    I think you vastly over estimate the impact of this.
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    brucemcbrucemc Posts: 1,541member
    tzeshan said:
    Apple is feeling the pressure.  The army of Android phone manufacturers are upping the hardware specs here and there. Apple releases two models each year.  Apple cannot put all the advanced components in two iPhones.  This gives Android phones bragging right of beating iPhone, Maybe Apple needs to announce more than two new iPhones each year? 
    Yep.  Apple is struggling, that is for sure.  I was thinking of getting the next iPhone, but even though I only get 4G about half the time in my area, I saw the article that Apple wouldn't be able to do what a Samsung could do, and decided that was it.  Simple as that.  Expect Apple's iPhone business to be 1/2 of what it is now in another year...
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    brucemcbrucemc Posts: 1,541member
    JoshinDC said:
    If Apple thinks people are going to shell out $1000 for a new phone that isn't as fast as the Samsung phone that was released months ago then they need a new management team. Maybe a $80 billion dollar loss in market cap in two days of trading will clue them into how serious a problem this is. I wouldn't be surprised to learn that someone at Qualcomm is the source of the Bloomberg article, but regardless, Apple needs to fix this now!
    Whatever job you have now - keep doing it to the best of your ability.  I am not sure you will be able to get another one...
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    xamaxxamax Posts: 135member
    Many of you guys fall for the bait.

    This is cyclic, it happens time and again. It's been happening since the old days of macintosh versus windows towers. All the nerdy geeks going on about how they could get on their knees under the desk and swap cards and play with the screws in their toys. It made them feel important, it made them feel they knew something about something. They couldn't do it with Apple, they would be reduced to a consumer, Apple the company would know better than them what was best. Gosh how they hated Apple for that!

    The Mac vs PC ads showed them right.

    I'm sorry, you should tell these people that 


    Steve cultivated the Power of NO. Just tell these people NO. Don't run after their bait. Tell them they're right, they should and must buy their beloved exploding SameThings, beg them to.

    Y'all making a big mistake falling down for the old plot, fighting the adversary in their chosen territory, that's a fundamental mistake. These people won't ever be defeated in their flawed argumentation, and I dare to say, their flawed nature. Just stay in your secure castle, don't go open the gates and burst out everytime somebody outside yells out some insanity.

    These people have stars in their eyes, they're very anxious and nervous, they don't buy good products and couldn't care less about it. All they care is the marketing hype, they yap on and on about all the marketing numbers they've been brainwashed with and don't mean a thing in real life. And they just appreciate hardware, couldn't care less for the Software and the thing that Apple actually sells which is INTEGRITY, the whole thing.

    Why don't you learn the lesson and keep falling for that old trick. 4 pages of comments about a non-issue of a product that doesn't exist. You've given all that energy to them.

    Apple isn't about this, never was, hopefully never will be. Apple didn't invent the computer, it didn't invent the mouse, didn't invent the smartphone. APPLE does things that (it) JUST WORKS, it does things BETTER (see what I did there?).

    Why in the world would it matter to have Gigabit in a smartphone, such a tiny device? That's insane, really. And Apple is sane. It's not a company ran by foolish marketers that end up with exploding devices. It's ran by adults. All products are extremely well thought out and worthy because of their coherence and integrity, because of the entire thing, not the least of which is the software platform.

    Really tell them they're right, that they shouldn't and must not buy Apple stuff. Please. Having these people buy Apple will only bring everything Apple down because they cannot appreciate Apple and its products/ecosystem for what they are. Haters will be haters, don't let them on board.

    Apple is not for everyone but it is for at least 800 million people and growing by the day. People who mostly couldn't care less about sticking their butt out under a desk fiddling with screws and cards, about specs, hype, people that just trust Apple to deliver them a very solid well rounded unproblematic very competent and very pleasing product.

    Please learn Steve Jobs lesson and say No to them. Just say No. Thank you!

    [Or the old Arab proverb "the dogs bark and the caravan moves on"]
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