Microsoft Buy Virtual PC

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Microsoft purchased Virtual PC from Connectix, and I'll bet they are up to no good, long term. There are many possibilities to do harm to Apple. If they provide Virtual PC, they may convince the government that discontinuing all Mac applications is not a problem. Folks can run Windows applications on VPC. MS could afford to give away VPC to pull that one off. They could try to convince developers to drop Mac versions too, since all Mac users would have VPC available to them. Any more suggestion how this could hurt Apple?


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    i... hate... microsoft
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    from front page of MacNN


    MS acquires Connectix Virtual PC, other apps

    Microsoft is acquiring some assets of Connectix, including VirtualPC software that permits Windows to run on a Mac and an unreleased server program, according to c|net. Microsoft, which plans to announce the deal on Thursday, said that some Connectix employees will join Microsoft, that Virtual PC for the Mac will continue to be sold and that it plans to continue developing the software, which has more than 1 million active users.

    CRN has more details on Microsoft's bid to enter the server consolidation market, using Connectix technology to "allow customers to carve out multiple partitions on a single Intel-based server, allowing them to run multiple instances of a single operating system and multiple workloads. ...Virtual Server is a native Windows-based server application that enables customers to run a wide range of server operating systems including Windows, Linux, Unix, OS/2 and DOS, concurrently on a single physical server, within isolated virtual machines."

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    See <a href=""; target="_blank">this thread</a> in Software.
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