Apple TV sales surge with hardware refresh, but still rank 4th in US streaming device market



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    Digital content revenue comes from smartphones, tablets, desktop/laptops and TV streamers so of course Apple, Google, and Amazon occupy the top spots. 

    For a little company like Roku to have a 30% market share in the TV streamer market that includes gaming consoles as well as Apple's, Google's, and Amazon's offerings is damn impressive. That percentage of people aren't renting or buying TV shows/movies from Apple, nor Google. 

    They have a 30% share of hardware sales. Hardware sales do not equal digital content sales.

    Rokus tiny revenues are proof their hardware is just being used for free stuff or to watch content from subscriptions where the revenues are going to someone else (like Netflix).

    In fact, I'd bet that the main reason people bought a Roku (and the article even states most Roku units sold were the cheaper "stick" version) was because it's the lowest price and quickest way to add Netflix to their TV.
    and remember, that's how Roku was born -- as a spin off from Netflix after Reed decided they didn't want to build a box. 
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    nolamacguynolamacguy Posts: 4,758member
    1983 said:
    peteralt said:
    I'm worried that most of Apple's R&D spending is being spent on Project Titan. They really need to spend more on its current product lines, such as the Apple TV, before spending on new business lines.
    I agree, every car company and tech giant on the planet are working on electric vehicles right now. I doubt Apple can offer anything more compelling than is already being prepared by everybody else it seems. Ultimately electric vehicles will become just commodity items with slim profit margins.
    just like phones and computers, right? commodities, no room for brand value. oh wait...
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    nolamacguynolamacguy Posts: 4,758member
    Roku's revenue is tiny because you keep comparing it to Apple's, which sells digital content on a much larger selection of devices. Now that's asinine. 
    no. ATV itself does over a billion in content. stop muddying the waters with nonsense.
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    williamlondonwilliamlondon Posts: 1,263member
    I like my ATV4 quite a lot, previously I had a jailbroken ATV2 and gen 1 prior to that (jailbroken also), which as devices have all been used perhaps more than most all my other consumer electronics. I cut the cord because of the gen 1 ATV and haven't looked back, and haven't regretted the £50+/month that I've saved in the past almost 10 years when that device came out. I'm sorry it took so long to produce one that has apps, my patience was worn thin waiting for something but I think the days still are early and the whole industry is trying to figure out which way is up, no one knows what tomorrow will bring, and given the immovable objects that are content production and content distribution, there will be no killer (content oriented) app while those battles are being waged and there are lots of kingdoms fighting to maintain their relevance.

    For me, with media, Infuse is the app I use, it's actually quite a nice app, they're actively working on it (used to use Kodi/XBMC for years) and the developers (Firecore) have big plans for the app, they engage with the users very well and are very responsive, so already they've improved it the way users want and use it. I also use the (Apple) Podcasts app, though to be honest, Apple needs to focus some attention on the way that app works, it's good, but it can use some polish.

    As for gaming, I bought a controller which works great (for games that support it) - it's like gaming on a console a couple of years old, it just needs more games. The good ones, the ones that take advantage of the hardware and push, and are more than a Crossy Road game (which is fun, just simple and casual) are lots of fun - Oceanhorn comes to mind as one that I've enjoyed for hours and hours and reminds me of the enjoyment I know from console games that go on for hours and hours, days and weeks if you want. More like that, just more games, and figure out something about the battle regarding the controller, lots of people are upset and if it's holding back development on the platform, sort the fucking problem, whatever it requires.

    The device still has tons of potential and they're developing for it, which is exactly what I want to see, so I expect to see more fun and good stuff coming, and as I wait, I still use it daily and love it to bits.
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    dasanman69dasanman69 Posts: 13,002member
    Roku's revenue is tiny because you keep comparing it to Apple's, which sells digital content on a much larger selection of devices. Now that's asinine. 
    no. ATV itself does over a billion in content. stop muddying the waters with nonsense.
    You fail to mention that the Apple TV is available in many more countries than the Roku is so of course it's going to have much higher revenue, so you're not doing much to clear the waters. It's like comparing Family Dollar to Walmart. 
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    lazarxlazarx Posts: 7member

    What I want to know is how much revenue these devices are generating. Selling a piece of hardware is one thing - having people purchase content is quite another. I bet the Apple TV crushes all the others in this regard, since it's widely known that iOS users purchase far more content than any other platform.
    For starters that's a bad comparison. Apple TV doesn't use iOS, it uses tvOS, and just because iOS users purchase more than Android users in the mobile space it doesn’t necessarily mean that it's the same in the TV space. Are there numbers for tvOS TV/movie rentals and purchases vs Amazon, M-Go, and Vudu? 
    It's a modified version of IOS  just as IOS is a derivative of OS X.
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    lazarxlazarx Posts: 7member
    Cobra101 said:
    My ATV4 is collecting dust; no killer apps and I find the remote horrible to use compared to the Roku and Fire TV; definitely not made for families with kids. I've got Roku's dotted all over the house which my kids can easily use. The reason Roku dominates is price point but mostly because the UI is simple and the remote control chunky and straightforward. The Fire TV software UI is worse than Apple's. Seems to me that the ATV is still a "hobby" at Apple.
    I am okay with the remote. The previous one was an atrocity.
    I use a Harmony remote with my ATV3.
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    lazarxlazarx Posts: 7member
    We use our new version Apple TV every single day.  We switch HDMI inputs briefly for CNN then go back to Apple TV and Netflix.  My only gripe is Amazon Prime still refusing to create an app.  I love Amazon and Apple, just wish I could have my cake and eat it.  I used to just stream Amazon Prime from an iPad to the Apple TV but that now only works for a few minutes then drops out.  I wonder if that's my end or something deliberate going on.  Same if I try from my new Mac Pro or a new MBA or MBP.
    Amazon refusing to produce an ATV app is annoying me as well. I continue to AirPlay it from an iPad without much issue. 
    It seems you're a bit out of the loop.
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    tallest skiltallest skil Posts: 43,388member
    lazarx said:
    It seems you're a bit out of the loop.
    Probably because he posted that a month ago.
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