Refurbished macbook pro touch bar2016 or 2017macbook pro touchbar

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Can some help me decide which is better?
The Refurbished macbook pro with touch bar 2016 or 2017 macbook pro with touchbar?
I will be using it for gaming and cisco programming ang a 
bit or web programming and testing, it will be my first macbook pro moving from windows
Specs of the refurbished is maxed out with
Processor 2.9i5 turbo boost to 3.3
memory 16GB
intel iris 550
processor 2.4i7 boost to 3.4
Memory 16gb
ssd 1TB
intel iris 540
would it be better with the new one
Processor3.1i5 turbo boost to 3.5
Memory 16GB
ssd 1TB
intel iris 650

Id love to have the new one but it is really expensive but
if you were to choose if not the maxed out just the least specs between the 2016macbook pro and 2017macbook pro which one is better?

Hope to hear from someone, thanks.


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