Tidal exclusivity ending on Jay-Z's '4:44,' Kanye claims he's owed $3M by music service



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    macxpress said:
    holyone said:
    Despite all too expected bashing going on here, I for one can't wait to listen to the new Hov, it's been a while since Magna, hope it's good, but Jay hardly disappoints. ( it be so great if AI would close the comments thread on all Tidal stories as 90% of everything posted is just unnecessary negativity provoking and emboldening subtle-racial bulling which has little to do with the actual story, but maybe that's the point :( , I mean we all know Ye is the music industry's vesion of Trump )
    Or you could just choose to not read the comments on a story involving Tidal. If you don't like what's on TV do you complain to the FCC to ban it? Of course not...you just change the friggin channel!
    many people DO complain unfortunately, and it only takes a vocal minority to stir a politically-correct outrage that the liberal media loves. 

    Ricky Gervais said it best:
    "Offence, is never given, its taken. If you're not offended by something, then there was no offence, it's as simple as that. If you are offended by something, walk away. I'm offended by things all the time but I haven't got the right not to be offended, and remember this: just because someone is offended it doesn't mean they're right. Some people are offended by equality, some people are offended by mixed marriage, some people are offended by everything. You can't worry about that. And you can't legislate against stupidity."
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    bitmodbitmod Posts: 267member
    macxpress said:
    I don't see where Tidal has any way of surviving. Who really uses this service? 
    Most audiophiles and people who want hifi streaming use this service. 
    Many of the big hifi companies are building it right into their products, same with Spotify. 
    They have a lot of support from the industry. 

    I use Spotify to curate and explore - Tidal for when I want to enjoy an album at CD or Master quality.

    Apple Music is fine for teeny boppers who listen to top 40 on the disposable dumpster buds that came with their phone - but anyone who appreciates music and has gear capable of hifi is likely on Tidal. 

    If Spotify goes hifi - i'll dump Tidal. 
    After Apple screwed up my iTunes library - their shitty streaming service in tow... they got a lot of work to do to win me back. 

    In happier news, my new iMac comes today. 

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    Mike WuertheleMike Wuerthele Posts: 6,466administrator
    dachar said:
    I am struggling to understand why this item appeared on AppleInsider. Oh is it because some music is coming to Apple soon? Well, if that was the case will AppleInsider be posting items about every musical release? I thought this is a tech site, not a music site. AppleInsider, please stop giving these people coverage.  
    This is about Tidal, one of Apple's main competitors in the space, and less about the music. I don't personally care if the album is a magnum opus, or 54 minutes of birds chirping.

    We will continue to report on big developments surrounding Apple's competitors, as it has a clear impact on the company. Feel free to skip what doesn't appeal to you personally.
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