Over 20 financial institutions in the U.S., Europe add support for Apple Pay

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Apple added another 22 banks and credit unions to its roster of Apple Pay-supporting institutions in the United States, with the new additions to the collection joined by a number of European institutions.

The latest batch of institutions to join the Apple Pay support page are, like the last update, made up of regional banks and credit unions, rather than major national banks that signed up for the mobile payments platform within its first year.

The full list of U.S. additions include:

  • American Eagle Financial Credit Union

  • Central Virginia Federal Credit Union

  • Community Bank & Trust of Florida

  • Community Savings Bank

  • The Cooperative Bank of Cape Cod

  • First Bank of Berne

  • First Financial Federal Credit Union

  • The First National Bank of Central Texas

  • Fremont Federal Credit Union

  • Greater State Bank

  • Highlands State Bank

  • Houston Police Credit Union

  • Independent Bank (MI)

  • Independent Bank (TX)

  • Mid-Hudson Valley Federal Credit Union

  • NAFT Federal Credit Union

  • Peoples Bank of East Tennessee

  • Santa Cruz County Bank

  • Skyline National Bank

  • Sterling Bank

  • Stonegate Bank

  • Terre Haute Savings Bank

In Italy, Apple Pay is now supported by Banca Mediolanum's Mediolanum Card debit cards. The European mobile wallet service Boon also now works with Apple Pay in Spain, which will also gain support for N26 in the near future.

As noted by MacRumors, Apple updated its regional website for France to reflect upcoming support for Crdit Mutuel Arka properties Crdit Mutuel de Bretagne, Crdit Mutuel du Sud-Ouest, Crdit Mutuel Massif Central, Fortuneo and Max.

Apple Pay Japan added support for KDDI's au Wallet PrePaid card. The change was noted by Ata Distance earlier this week.

The new additions arrive ahead of the launch of iOS 11, expected later this year. At WWDC in June, Apple revealed iOS 11 will bring secure Apple Pay-based person-to-person money transfers via Messages, a facility which will include a 3 percent fee if paid using a credit card, but free if used with a debit card.


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    crabbycrabby Posts: 38member
    Enough banks already- we need retailers. Apple would make more steam by buying  a million POS readers & hand them out to mom& pops.
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    SoliSoli Posts: 8,803member
    1) What PoS systems in Europe don't support NFC-based payments?

    2) Why is that Apple's responsibility?

    3) From my experience, mom & pop places have supported NFC-payments long before the average major US retailer with complex PoS with built-in card readers.
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    pakittpakitt Posts: 156member
    Meanwhile in Germany....(and a few other EU countries) continue to get.....0 banks. 
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    thabozthaboz Posts: 3member
    Apple published a list of countries that have ApplePay but under Europe they list Russia?! 😳
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    wookie01wookie01 Posts: 38member
    Meanwhile Australia has 1 Major bank and a handful of other institutions and basically every shop in the country (and machines like parking vending) accepts chip based credit cards (via NFC or Insertion) which means that I basically use my Apple Watch to pay for everything I buy.  A pure pleasure. 
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    mike1mike1 Posts: 1,884member
    thaboz said:
    Apple published a list of countries that have ApplePay but under Europe they list Russia?! 😳
    Considering that virtually the entire population of Russia is in Europe, it is generally considered a European country.
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